Unleashing Style, Power, and Performance: The New Infiniti QX55

Shereen Shabnam

Finding the perfect luxury crossover can be a daunting task, but the INFINITI QX55 effortlessly combines style, efficiency, and power, captivating the attention of onlookers and buyers alike. With its striking design elements, advanced technology features, and impressive performance capabilities, the QX55 stands out as an appealing car and the handling was superb as well during our recent drive experience.

Exquisite Design

Every detail of the QX55 exudes sophistication and style. From the intricately designed taillights to the grille, it boasts a visually stunning exterior. The race-track-inspired front fascia adds a touch of sportiness, further enhancing its overall appeal. The QX55’s exterior design sets it apart, making it a true head-turner – whenever I parked at Shangri-La Dubai, I found people checking it out in the VIP parking area while they waited for their cars.

Impressive Interior Features

Step inside the QX55, and you will find a luxurious and tech-savvy cabin that enhances the overall driving experience. The inclusion of the Bose® sound system ensures an immersive audio experience, while the 3D navigation system helps you navigate with ease. With Wireless Apple CarPlay® integration and Android Auto®, you can seamlessly connect your smartphone and access your favorite apps and media. The INFINITI InTouch system further enhances convenience and connectivity, putting all the necessary controls at your fingertips.

Performance and Handling

Under the hood, the QX55 boasts a compression-altering, VC-turbo engine that delivers an exhilarating driving experience. This intelligent engine adapts to different driving conditions, providing an optimal balance of power and efficiency. Paired with a clever all-wheel-drive system, the QX55 can transfer up to 50% of the power to the rear wheels, enhancing road-holding and ensuring stability in various road and weather conditions. Whether you’re embarking on long drives or seeking an adventurous weekend getaway, the QX55’s performance capabilities will impress.

Safety and Reliability

The QX55 prioritizes safety and provides peace of mind on every journey. With its advanced safety features and robust build quality, this crossover ensures both driver and passengers are well-protected. Whether you’re tackling your weekly chores or embarking on a wild adventure, the QX55 keeps you secure and instills confidence every time you hit the road.


The INFINITI QX55 is a luxury crossover that exceeds expectations in style, performance, and technology. With its captivating design, advanced features, and impressive performance capabilities, it is a standout choice in its segment. Whether you value sleek aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, or thrilling driving experiences, the QX55 offers it all.

Arabian Automobiles is the exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates.

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