Spring Festival: Chinese New Year

Hakan Ozel, General Manager – Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai Celebrations of Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, are approaching. The 'Year of Tiger’ will finish, The 'Year of Rabbit’ will start. The festival is China’s most important festival, which falls on the first day of the 1st lunar month each year. Family members gather, as... Continue Reading →

Good health insurance is top priority right after high salary for MENA professionals, reveals new Bayt.com study!

A new survey by Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 job site, revealed a variety of insights about lifestyles of professionals and how employers can elicit a healthy change in the workplace. According to the ‘Health and Wellbeing in the MENA’ survey, the majority of respondents (94%) have the intention to become regularly active and follow... Continue Reading →

Building a Lifestyle Brand

Nishrat Nazeen, Founder and CEO, Aromas Fiji There is so much to think about when you start a new brand and when it involves products of different types, shapes and colour, the challenge of staying focused on the look and feel is even harder. Most lucky sellers have a retail offering on their own platforms... Continue Reading →


Hakan Ozel, General Manager – Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai Human Capital is the relationship between what the luxury enterprises invest in employees and their emerging success as an economic value that the employees bring. Desirable result is the positive return, which the enterprises gain from the loyalty, creativity, effort, skills and expertise, personal values and believes,... Continue Reading →

Customer Engagement in Luxury Organizations

Hakan Ozel, General Manager – Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai “Customer Engagement and Staying Close to Customers” is one of the most important fundamentals of business that should be considered at the top of the strategic plans of the luxury enterprises. When this receives enough attention with full commitment and passion, it becomes a very valuable tactical... Continue Reading →

Concrete Concepts

Immersive Interactive Experiences with MTE Studios Delivering award winning projects has become a norm for Dubai and Cape Town based MTE Studios, a specialized consultancy firm focused on Lifescape Architecture and Interactive Experiences. For over two decades, the company been implementing projects worldwide encompassing experience centres, museums, science centres, exhibitions, and commercial and retail environments.... Continue Reading →

Did we succeed in delivering our message to people? Your opinion matters…

By Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General, Sharjah Government Media Bureau Ten years ago, the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) was born in Sharjah out of our intent to strengthen the bond between government institutions and the people; and with an ambition to enrich government communications in the region through an advanced scientific and cumulative approach.  ... Continue Reading →

Creativity in Design and Products

Rasool Taj, Head of Buying and Merchandising at DWELL for Liwa Trading Enterprises LLC Shereen Shabnam Decorating your personal space is more than filling it with pretty things - every item should bring happiness and inspire you each day. We recently sat down with Rasool Taj who joined Liwa Trading Enterprises LLC as the Head... Continue Reading →

How Data Analytics is changing the logistics industry

Logistics is a complex and dynamic sector that is evolving with the use of data by gathering valuable insights that promise to benefit corporates and consumers alike With the advent of e-commerce and increasing globalisation, smooth logistical operations are responsible for the hassle-free running of supply chains and ensuring that consumer demand is met. The... Continue Reading →

Recent Health Trends for 2022

A recent survey conducted by Bupa Health UK reported that 28% of Brits ignored a health concern, with 16-34-year olds most commonly avoiding seeking help! People are still reluctant to visit their doctors despite health care services efforts to normalise services. I am sure these findings mirrored what’s happening around the world. After a stressful... Continue Reading →

The New Dawn of Global Real Estate

Raising the Bar in Real Estate & Managing a global multi-billion-dirham Empire Dr. BRIAN ETEMAD Esq. By Shereen Shabnam The dynamic CEO of the award winning Tamleek Real Estate Co., Dr. Brian Etemad Esq., is a licensed US Attorney from New York who later founded Tamleek REIT & Global Investments, an elite investment and development... Continue Reading →


Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE: PM) today announced that it has reached its global company-wide target to improve gender balance, ensuring at least 40% female representation in managerial roles by 2022. In the United Arab Emirates, female representation has reached 43.5% across all grades and 48.3% in managerial roles at PMI’s local affiliate, Phillip Morris Management... Continue Reading →

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility

As the world faces one adversity after another, social responsibility founded on transparency and accountability are becoming core values within organizations looking at the most critical global crisis and making life changing decisions with positive outcomes for those in need. Eric Dury meets with Nadiia Ratke, Founder and CEO of the International Organization of Social... Continue Reading →


The most important characteristics and activities of a successful luxury hotel business are excellent presentation and maintenance of hardware, and provision and constantly improvement of software, which is the service quality in sustainable manner. These require fulfilling the expectations as the base standard, then exceeding them in every way from pre-booking to post stay. These... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Community Living

ZāZEN One by ZāZEN Properties Homegrown real estate developer, ZāZEN Properties, revealed their first project, ZāZEN One to us with a personalised tour in the heart of the JVT community. The project paves the way for sustainable and contemporary living and provide mid-market eco-conscious buyers all that a community has to offer, within a building... Continue Reading →

Culture at the forefront

22nd session of the Conference of Arab Culture Ministers at Expo Dubai By Eric Dury Having the world Expo at our doorstep has many benefits but we are most fascinated with the cultural exchange around the Expo site from all corners of the world, at a scale and concentration unlike any other seen before. The... Continue Reading →

PMI to Commit Additional USD 200 Million to Corporate Venture Capital Activities of PM Equity Partner

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE: PM) today announced its plans to dedicate a further USD 200 million to minority investments in early and growth-stage companies through PM Equity Partner (PMEP), PMI’s corporate venture capital arm. This allocation follows a 2016 commitment of USD 150 million that PMEP has since fully invested and is intended... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Treatment, Codivir, proves fastest and most effective in Phase 1 clinical trials – patients recovering with no side effects within 48 hours

Trials saw COVID-19 affected patients recovering with no side effects in 48 hours From the start of the pandemic, researchers, scientists, and antivirus specialists have worked around the clock to find a way to treat COVID-19. Codivir, an innovative new drug from Code Pharma, now appears to have the potential to revolutionize the fight against... Continue Reading →

How to hire a CEO in a new era of workplace

Vision determines where you go. Strategy determines how you'll get there. Your leader determines whether you will make it or not. Your CEO is the ultimate expression of your identity, your purpose, and your direction. They are the epitome of your brand. Leadership will make or break the world’s largest corporations, and the world’s strongest... Continue Reading →

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