Zak Zorro releases “Baby Dil Dena” 4th Music Album

Zakeer Hussain popularly known as ‘Zak Zorro’ released his latest album ‘Baby Dil Dena on July 25th 2021. An album with 11 diverse Musical tracks with flavor of Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, HipHop, RNB, Rap, Afro, Spanish, Punjabi, Latin and Arabic Influenced. The Songs namely ‘Baby Dil Dena’, ‘Bumpe Yolo Yolo’, ‘Ishara’, ‘Kali Raat’, ‘Dil Tujhpe... Continue Reading →

How coworking spaces like Jobetter help a new business

There’s been a surge in coworking communities around the world, in particular, Dubai. Most offer the same range of unlimited refreshments, comfortable seating and private offices for meetings, but many lack the community comradery spirit that is built from spending endless hours working alongside the same colleagues for years on end. Jobetter, in Business Bay,... Continue Reading →

The Future of Leadership

Shane Phillips - CEO of The Phillips Group By Shereen Shabnam The Phillips Group (TPG) is a global, exclusive, retained executive search firm founded by Carlton A. Phillips, the CEO who specialises in Board and CEO placements.   For almost 40 years, TPG has been the premiere choice for board and C-level executive placements, for multinational... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Futuristic Leader: Ayman Al Afifi

By Shereen Shabnam During the World Expo Commissioners Club dinner recently, we had the pleasure to meet with the charismatic H.E. Ayman Ibrahim Al Afifi, an Emirati Businessman, Ambassador, thought leader, Investor and Philanthropist whose vast experience in international business led him to be part of the World Expo Commissioners Club. Founded in Milano Italy,... Continue Reading →

Free your mind

Shereen Shabnam During the initial years of me being a wellness member at the Shangri La Dubai (My favourite place to be in Dubai), I never had enough time to appreciate the lovely ambience or indulge myself physically and mentally until the pandemic gave me the time to find renewed energy to create positive changes... Continue Reading →

Caring About Investments As An Entrepreneur – More Financial Security To Your Entrepreneurial Efforts

Dr Sanjay Tolani, MD & CEO, Goodwill World. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who recently started their business? These smart decisions can help you seize growth opportunities and unlock success. Business owners sometimes find themselves in situations where they’re not in complete control; instead, they feel controlled by their finances which they are... Continue Reading →

Healthy Habits Matter

By Shereen Shabnam I am the queen of being a workaholic and often find that my little Mac is surgically attached to my being even if the cords that bind us may be invisible. Being a workaholic often means I sacrifice my personal time to work and I reckon my Porsche Cayenne Turbo has had... Continue Reading →

Leadership Qualities To Nurture

By Shereen Shabnam Over the last two decades, I have interviewed thousands of leaders for multiple publications who have shared their thoughts on what made them successful leaders and the answer always was by working with the right team. The best leaders I came across had a few leadership styles in common. Below are some... Continue Reading →

Time Out from Work

By Shereen Shabnam As I am travelling less around the globe since the pandemic left my favourite destinations under lockdown, there is a constant need to take a break from work. It’s not just for my mental wellbeing, but taking a day off to recharge so I can return to work energised and reinvigorated. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Ten Technology Trends Moving into 2021

To retool for the world of tomorrow, companies should stay on top of these critical digital trends. By Dr.Houssem Jemili, Partner at Bain & Company Dubai, Leader Digital Tech Practice ME, & Truc Mai Dupont Vohong, Vice President, Digital Partnerships, Bain & Company Paris. Necessity being the mother of (re)invention, the Covid-19 crisis has dramatically... Continue Reading →

Let There Be Light: Appreciating the Flamekeeper

It is high time to look in new places for different answers, according to UAE-based Susan Furness, an alternative strategist, coach in Spiritual Intelligence, and a senior associate with   In 2006, the founder of Edgewalkers, Dr Judi Neal wrote the book Edgewalkers, people and organizations that take risks, build new bridges, and break new... Continue Reading →

Keeping It Light: Appreciating the Guardian

Words matter, according to UAE-based Susan Furness, an alternative strategist, coach in Spiritual Intelligence, and a senior associate with She says vocabulary can power expansionary impact on brand reputation, especially in the digital economy.   In her book Edgewalkers, people and organizations that take risks, build new bridges, and break new ground, Dr Judi Neal looks in... Continue Reading →

Fragrant Notes

Nishrat Nazeen, Founder and Curator of Aromas Fiji The pandemic has inspired people all around the world to focus more on being clean, hygienic and healthy and this vision has led many around the world to invest in inspiring projects and products that focus on keeping everyone around cleaner and safer. Aromas Fiji was initiated... Continue Reading →

Learning today for the workforce of tomorrow

By Shereen Shabnam The world of education has changed as more and more industries get impacted by the pandemic. As my daughter studies for her degree in Forensic Science and Criminology remotely this month, as parents we fully understand her worries, apprehensions, doubts, and stress given that her dad is equally responsible for educating graduates... Continue Reading →

Building a Culture of Trust

By Shereen Shabnam Over the last two decades in UAE, every project I took was built on a culture of trust. For years I have not written a CV for myself or done a pitch document because in this part of the world, word of mouth takes you a long way if you do meaningful... Continue Reading →

Kitch, a hybrid delivery-focused cloud-kitchen and premium store-front operator, launches in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Walid Hajj, recognised food and beverage (F&B) industry leader, founder of Cravia and the driving force behind its success story, together with co-founder Fahad Alhokair, a Saudi entrepreneur and founder of Veda Holding, a company that focuses on start-ups in tech, retail, real estate, logistics and now F&B, has officially launched the region’s first hybrid, delivery-focused,... Continue Reading →

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