Born to Thrill: MG RX8

By Shereen Shabnam The MG RX8 is a bold and capable SUV built to be noticed as we found out on a girls' trip between Dubai and Fujairah one weekend, armed with the latest cameras from Nikon and a sense of adventure that saw us driving through the mountains to a campsite off the coast.... Continue Reading →


Clive Christian Art Deco XXI Blonde Amber and Amberwood Edited by Natasha Dury The Noble Collection from Clive Christian takes wearers on a dramatic journey through the design eras of the past, celebrating the art, architecture and horticultural movement of key periods in history. Emerging just before the First World War in Paris, Art Deco... Continue Reading →

Luxury Misk Apartments

Arada reaches major milestone at Sharjah megaproject Aljada Arada has reached a major milestone at Aljada with the completion of the first residential phase at the Sharjah megaproject. The delivery of 278 homes in the last two Misk Apartments buildings in the mixed-use community brings the total number of units finished at Aljada to 1,482.... Continue Reading →

Life Imitating Art: Barcelona

By Shereen Shabnam Every time we go to our Spanish home, we try and explore a different city and Barcelona, the second-largest art infused city in Spain has been delight for all senses from visiting cultural sites, city attractions, art venues, trying out Catalan dishes and evening tapas experiences as well as taking a cruise... Continue Reading →

Magnificent Manchester

By Shereen Shabnam Manchester has become a common destination for our trips to UK recently as our child goes to university an hour away from this bustling city. It is full of surprises with a diverse range of retail offering, a cutting-edge music scene, historic sites and of course world-class football games. Architecture in this... Continue Reading →

The New Dawn of Global Real Estate

Raising the Bar in Real Estate & Managing a global multi-billion-dirham Empire Dr. BRIAN ETEMAD Esq. By Shereen Shabnam The dynamic CEO of the award winning Tamleek Real Estate Co., Dr. Brian Etemad Esq., is a licensed US Attorney from New York who later founded Tamleek REIT & Global Investments, an elite investment and development... Continue Reading →

Redesigned for Ultimate Comfort

The new Volkswagen Teramont By Shereen Shabnam The Volkswagen Teramont never compromises on space, quality, safety, and connectivity and that is the first thing we love about this popular seven-seater SUV which now features an updated interior and exterior. The 2021 Volkswagen Teramont is Volkswagen Middle East's boldest and most robust vehicle and it has... Continue Reading →

Confident Ride with Sophisticated Interior

All-New Lincoln Corsair Shereen Shabnam Staying true to its Quiet Flight DNA, the all-new Lincoln Corsair delivers an effortless yet sprightly drive experience. Expressively designed and effortlessly agile, the all-new Lincoln Corsair arrives as a spacious two-row SUV that combines refined power and a confident, whisper-quiet ride in a luxurious sanctuary that is uniquely Lincoln.... Continue Reading →

Agent of Change

Nadiia Ratke, Founder and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice By Shereen Shabnam Nadiia Ratke is a dynamic 34 year-old business leader who wears many different hats. She is the Founder and CEO of VI Group and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice (IOSJ). Based between Germany, Dubai, Geneva and Ukraine,... Continue Reading →

Sara Galadari launches her latest novel “The Elemental,” now available on Kindle and as a bestseller on Amazon UAE

Overwhelming response as novel currently ranks No. 1 in Horror category and No.5 in Fantasy category on Amazon UAE Emirati author, Sara Galadari, launched her latest novel “The Elemental,” which is now available on Kindle and as a bestseller on Amazon UAE. A modern visionary and an avid storyteller, Sara combines a suspenseful mystery set... Continue Reading →

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