Become a coffee bean expert this summer with Lavazza

The unique quality of coffee beans means that everyone has the opportunity to discover the origin of coffee, setting off a sensorial journey that goes far beyond the immediate taste. It means choosing every detail with the utmost focus and care, an approach that perfectly suits coffee lovers who love plunging into the unique ritual of preparation. Leveraging its centenary of coffee mastership, Lavazza experts have shared some insider tips to become a true coffee expert, for a sensory experience that turns coffee into a real ritual.

Tip 1 – Prioritise freshness and aroma

Coffee is a delicate substance, when it’s exposed to external substances (like oxygen for example), its qualities can be affected and even changed.

Because they’re whole, coffee beans give a superior result in terms of aroma and freshness.  Grinding the beans pulls out all of the compounds that give coffee its delicious taste and distinct aroma, for an enveloping experience that wins all senses even before the first sip. If you grind your coffee right before brewing, it results in one of the freshest cups of coffee you’ll ever make.

Tip 2 – Pay attention to grinding

To give an excellent in-cup result, grinding must be defined precisely based on the extraction system chosen and the grinding result will vary depending on the amount of pressure each method applies.

In order, we have:

  • Very fine grind is ideal for Turkish Coffee preparation à Extraction not involving filtration.
  • Fine grind is ideal for espresso preparation à Extraction at about 9 bar pressure, to be finally adjusted to obtain perfect extraction in the cup in about 25/30″
  • Medium/fine grind is ideal for Moka Pot preparation à Extraction at about 1 bar pressure.
  • Medium/foarse grind is ideal for filter coffee preparation à Extraction at ambient pressure.

Tip 3 – Storage is key

Once the package is opened, Lavazza experts recommend storing the coffee in an airtight container, and in a cool, dry place – away from light and heat sources. These precautions will help maintain the freshness of the coffee beans longer.

Tip 4 – Make it a coffee ritual

Some people may prefer the convenience of ground coffee, for a quicker and easier at-home coffee moment. But grinding coffee beans gives coffee a whole different taste – not only it results fresher and richer in flavor, but the gesture itself naturally infuses positive vibes to your morning. It turns your daily coffee habit into a ritual that fuels the rest of the day, not just with caffeine, but also with focus and happiness.

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