What’s Alternative About Alternative Strategy, asks brand strategist and Web3 facilitator, Susan Furness

Susan is a self-proclaimed Alternative Strategist ‘because the strategist in me just won’t buzz off and let me be something different, so I am Being Different by fusing Strategy with Spirituality at the intersection of Digital Technology.’

Strategically, the old way still might work.

And if a few tweaks are made, here and there, that could make a positive difference on the outcome.

But as there is no licence on good ideas the competition could be tweaking up the same tree, right?

What we need is a good idea that is very hard for others to apply first, and here’s where to get it.

We look in different places for new answers, or even in new places for different answers. This is the underbelly of Alternative Strategy.

Here’s Six Strategic Nuances nourished by the philosophy of Edgewalkers.org. and taken from Strategic Heartistry, the new world business modelling that never fails to unearth the difference that makes the difference.

  1. USE DIFFERENT WORDS The team energy will shift when alternative vocabulary is used. Instead of asking ‘what is the objective?’, try ‘what is our Intention…?’. Similarly, instead of ‘what outcome are we looking for?’, ask ‘what Impact are we going to make…?’.
  2. NAME THE SAME DESTINATION DIFFERENTLY Traditional strategy often takes a linear path to get from Here to There, but there isn’t a there, because when you get there, you are here. Alternative Strategy keeps a sharp eye on the vision or New Reality by moving from Here to Here.
  3. TAKE DIFFERENT LEAPS INSTEAD OF WELL-TRODDEN STEPS Alternative Strategy names the Reality (nee the Situation Overview), senses the New Reality (the Vision), and then makes small significant steps to extraordinary impact. In Alternative Strategy we call these small steps Quantum Leaps.
  4. LEAD DIFFERENTLY, HEART BEFORE HEAD The Fearless Leader manifests Alternative Strategy by talking in before talking out to the team. Listen to the heart first, and then ask the head, because the heart knows.
  5. LOVE DIFFERENTLY BY BEING KIND The Fearless Leader knows that acts of love & kindness evoke acts of love & kindness in others, which provokes a spirit of collaboration, co-creation, inspiration, and courage, Out of courage comes a brave, alternative heart-led strategy.
  6. MEASURE DIFFERENTLY Alternative Strategy appreciates that Return on Investment is born from ROE – Return on Energy or Engagement. ROE brings a sense of belonging, or the desire to ‘be long in’. ROE + ROI = The Infinite Game.

Leaders and leader teams can be different with Susan by joining public and bespoke workshops and webinars, or by hiring Susan to work in-house as a strategic facilitator.




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