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GTM Interview with Mohamed Fayez, Managing Director of Kagool

Kagool, a leading global data & analytics, and ERP specialist utilizes advanced data ingestion technology to provide real-time visibility of data scattered across different ERP systems and Data sources.

As the data revolution unlocks new opportunities, the data analytics company is reimagining what is possible for data analytics through its technology, which takes data to empower business decision-makers. For instance, projections indicate that the data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security business in the Middle East and Africa will grow by 20.4% to $28.36 billion by 2026.

Kagool’s methodology and proprietary technology simplify the data process through Pulse and Velocity, allowing customers to have insights into their business in weeks rather than months, with a cost reduction of up to 80%.

Kagool redefines data analytics and prediction through its trademark products Pulse and Velocity, that help clients accelerate analytics with scalable, real-time data ingestion and ready data models that can be optimized to fit different use cases

Kagool helps organizations string together a series of small analytics wins, so the organization can build momentum to the point where the scope and scale of the wins increase exponentially over time.

The GTM team gathered insights from Mohamed Fayez, Managing Director of Kagool on how analytics has the power to transform companies. 

 What led to the setup of Kagool and what are your USPs?

Kagool was formed to help business decision-makers to have practical, accurate, and insightful information to make meaningful scientific decisions. We manage end-to-end data journeys from data collection, validation, and governance to data analytics and prediction. We support business decision-makers to have insightful analytics and prediction in weeks rather than months. Kagool works closely with the Chief Data Officer to empower CMO, CFO, CBO, and CEOs in making insightful business decisions.

 What are key offerings and value proposition to your clients?

As we manage end-to-end data services, we have developed products to accelerate the adoption of data modernization. Velocity is our Trademark product capable of providing real-time data ingestion from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and DB2 to the Microsoft Azure data platform. Our Trademark product Pulse offers an easy and effective way to ensure data quality, product catalog, and data governance.

Kagool’s consultancy services cover a broad spectrum of data management, with SAP, Oracle consultancy services, and our data and analytic practice across different industries. Microsoft plays a key role in our journey of managing the data using Azure cloud services and our advanced services like Microsoft Azure IoT, Digital Twin, and mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens.

Which industries need your services the most?

Our products and consultancy services cover different industries from Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Automotive, Energy, Aviation, and Financial Services.

Our trademark “Velocity” product for data ingestion from SAP, Oracle, DB2, and other backend systems allow us to support all industries in ingesting real-time data to Microsoft data warehouse, with our trademark “Pulse” product enabling all enterprises to manage their data for data quality, data governance to ensure the correct data for accurate analytics and prediction.

With more than 1,000 industry-focused experts working as part of Kagool, we have developed different data models across different business workloads for various industries allowing us to accelerate the data modernization journey for almost all enterprises across all verticals.

Which technologies are trending most in the region?

The adoption of the cloud in the MEA region is accelerating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and prediction using Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. Kagool is helping businesses globally and now in MEA to accelerate the deployment of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to make business decisions based on data.

Data Analytics is a key in the digital transformation journey for any corporate, as it provides the business with meaningful data and insights to make decisions based on facts.

We support corporates in managing their data journey by collecting the data through IoT sensors, different backend systems, and building a data warehouse while ensuring that data is meeting organization data governance and data quality standards to run data models and visualize the data using an advanced Digital Twin. We have reduced the time required to handle the data from end-to-end from several months to weeks using our products Velocity and Pulse.

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