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Much has been said about inclusion as the most effective tool for making the world a better place for everyone, helping break barriers to integrate People of Determination within the community at large. Mawaheb, an art studio for People of Determination 18 years and over, are providing ample opportunities to help fulfil the overarching aim set by our visionary leaders.

At the studio, People of Determination have the opportunity to explore the world and become independent members of our society through the medium of art and with life-skills training by our professional team of instructors. It is a positive, safe and creative environment to grow and develop. At the next-door community café, Mawaheb celebrates diversity via a co-working place where one can inspire and get inspired. It is perfect for inclusive events, coffee mornings and activities:

Sessions and events: The Mawaheb studio space can be rented out for business meetings and seminars, wherein participants can also enjoy access to a community café.

Birthday parties and gatherings: Those interested in surrounding their children with art can book birthday parties at Mawaheb for children over 10. During the party, attendees will enjoy a two-hour art workshop that also includes cakes, toasties and drinks.

CSR events: To truly understand People of Determination, you need to see life through their eyes. You and your team will work with the artists to co-create an  amazing painting that will be owned by your company. Our students will also teach your team yoga, sign language and much more!

For organisations/families looking for creative gifts to share with their friends and colleagues, the art shop at Mawaheb displays beautiful gifts with a story and art created by the artists. Browse the collection to immerse yourself in the world of art from the perspective of People of Determination.

Visit www.mawaheb-dubai.com or email on info@mawaheb-dubai.com

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