Seven Female-Founded Startups Land Venture Deals with Stalliongates Capital

Aggregated valuation of this portfolio has exceeded USD 500 million

With their recent focus on women-led startups and businesses, Stalliongates Capital partnered with 7 women Founders at pre-seed and seed stage earlier this year in the UAE and USA. The investment firm with its marketing arm Brandbeat Global, handheld these companies from ideation to scale, exceeding the aggregated valuation beyond USD 500 million for these recently acquired businesses.

“We trained founders, partnered with them through capital injection, developed brands and executed Go-To-Market strategy to help them scale globally. Today all 7 startups are revenue positive due to our focus on profitability and exponential growth”, said Amna Razzaq, Managing Partner & COO at Brandbeat Global.

“The investment portfolio currently boasts a robust representation of 34% women-led enterprises and targeting 50% by 2025. The founders understand the gap in the startup eco-system where practical entrepreneurial education has been the missing piece across incubators and accelerators. Our portfolio company Brandbeat Global launched a workshop during 2022 to shortlist dynamic founders and impart practical education delivered by serial entrepreneurs, business leaders and C-suite executives.”
Global venture funding in Q2 2023 fell 18% quarter over quarter to $65 billion, Crunchbase data shows. That’s down 49% compared to the second quarter of 2022, when startup investors spent $127 billion. The first half of 2023 is down by similar proportions.

In H1 2023, global funding reached $144 billion, marking a 51% decline from the $293 billion invested in H1 2022 and a 10% decline from the second half of 2022. Despite, the slowdown, Stalliongates Capital has continued to grow its portfolio with a focus on businesses that offer superior ROI to its investors which makes this firm one of the top 30% VCs who have successfully returned profits to their investors.

The recent equity acquisitions of women-led businesses by Stalliongates Capital include Harnet Developments, Go-Insuretech, Veha Holdings, Zadasi, Brainstorm AI, IBIDIA and Quick Skills. It’s a diversified portfolio representing real estate development, insure-tech, ed-tech, generative AI, social community apps, health-tech and beauty industry. The only common denominator is women founders.

“We bring a unique value proposition for startup founders and business owners by addressing two most important needs; investment, and marketing. It’s a three-step process. We fix the business ideation and modeling, achieve market validation through creative monetization architecture and scale aggressively through our creative brand marketing strategy. Getting the marketing formula right is as important as getting the core business idea right”, highlighted Shafaat Hashmi, Chairman Stalliongates Capital and CEO Brandbeat Global.

Shafaat and Amna, leveraging their dynamic synergy, have not only raised investments and managed portfolios across various sectors and asset classes, but have also provided comprehensive business consulting, investment advisories, and transformative brand marketing to a global clientele spanning over 14 years.

With a resolute vision, their firms have served over 300 clients with offices in 12 countries during the last 14 years. Stalliongates Capital and Brandbeat Global are strategically positioning themselves globally to expand their asset portfolio across education, healthcare, real estate, online gaming, e-commerce businesses, clean energy, and the ever-growing creators’ economy.

“Our trajectory envisions a robust portfolio exceeding 100 high-performing startups which are leveraged by technology having a distinct competitive edge and offers a demand driven growth multiple to scale globally” remarked Mr. Hashmi. He further adds, “Dubai has been an ideal destination for our headquarters over the last decade providing us global access to opportunities and international talent which has contributed to our growth.”

“The future is generative AI and e-commerce. Fast-mover advantage matters more than the first-mover advantage. Our lifestyle and businesses will be completely revolutionized by 2030 and now is the time to adopt by staying ahead of the curve”, remarked Amna.

Stalliongates Capital is an investment firm operating from three countries managing a portfolio of multiple asset classes with expertise in investment advisory, asset management, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, fund raising and pre-IPO strategy. Brandbeat Global is a subsidiary of Stalliongates Capital with 14 global offices offering business consulting, brand marketing, UI/UX design, tech stack development, advertising and media, operating as a full-service agency with cutting edge business acumen.

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