Oudh: the holy scent of Ramadan

Rasasi Perfumes welcomes those near and dear with a curated range of traditional premium home scents this holy month

Rasasi Perfumes, a pioneer within the fragrance industry in the Middle East and one of the first brands to introduce an array of products to help perfume one’s home, welcomes guests this Ramadan for Iftar and Suhoor gatherings with an exotic range of oudh, bukhoors and oud moattars.

The holy month is synonymous with Arabian hospitality and family gatherings and brings with it numerous occasions to spend quality time with loved ones. During this time of reflection, fragrances can be used for numerous purposes, from evoking a variety of emotions to also perfuming one’s home, bringing in positive energy and fostering a feeling of peace, tranquility, warmth and comfort. According to Arabian culture and custom, perfuming one’s home has been passed down through the years from generation to generation with many intrinsic rituals and family traditions followed to this day.

As rare and precious as gold, Oudh, known as agarwood in English, is associated with spiritualism and meditation, its elegant fragrance emanates from the burning of oud and is historically given the honorific title ‘the scent of heavens’. Throughout Ramadan, guests are welcomed into homes with the scent of burning oudh as a mark of respect and appreciation. The burning of this much-coveted wood

is an inherent part of the month long fasting period and the subsequent Eid celebrations. Usually families get together to break bread together at dusk when the fasting concludes until late at night.

Rasasi offers a vast collection of agarwood products; from popular to rare and coveted varieties of the highest quality that are sourced directly from India, Cambodia and Malaysia. Oudh Al Meskar is a top graded agarwood- a dark and intense journey through Malaysian rain forests while Oudh Al Ghawi is another high quality Malaysian agarwood that makes everyday a celebration.

The shaving of oudh and the oudh dust are lent a touch of flair as numerous fragrant oils and essences are mixed together with the chips ( oudh-mottar) or cakes ( bukhoor ) to further deepen its scent, whilst also introducing other notes from floral to fruity, sweet to spicy and more.

The brands newly launched Qasamat Bareeq Bukhoor and Oudh Moattar, an extension from the previously launched eau-de-parfume, pays tribute to the strong, smoky and woody notes of oud while also highlighting numerous floral and citrusy elements lending it a long-lasting and luxurious aura.

Rasasi’s Bukhoor Raqiya is a cult classic that has perfumed almost every Arab household in the GCC region for several decades. Cashmeran and Ambroxan successfully add variety to the Raqiya scent palette while Oudh Al Mumaiz, a classic oudh moattar has retained its space as an all-time best seller. Other recent additions like the Bukhoor Al Ajwad and Somow Al Rasasi collection are modern interpretations of the classic incense and have been highly appreciated for introducing modern notes and gourmand touches to the traditional incenses.

Rasasi prides itself on having an unrivalled knowledge of the finest traditions of perfumery and art of fragrances. Choose to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan with Rasasi, whose four-decade legacy of blending the finest scents showcases exceptional appreciation and homage to the rich tapestry of the Middle East and GCC.

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