Introducing the new Labdanum Dusk Collection: Exceptional. Enigmatic. Treasurable.

Molton Brown, British fragrance makers, drape your senses in opulence with their new Labdanum Dusk Eau de Parfum, Bath & Shower Gel and Hair Mist. Celebrate Ramadan with a collection steeped in mystery.

Driven to create distinctive fragrances, the brand works closely with a set of visionary perfumers to champion individuality. This rich, oriental-woody fragrance modernizes labdanum – an ambery resin native to the Middle East. Inspired by this lead raw material, Senior Perfumer Nathalie Koobus introduces verdant cypriol and cedarwood for contemporary earthiness.

Honoring the resinous, leathery and smoky facets of labdanum, she intensifies it by choosing natural Oudh as the signature note; sustainably sourced from Dubai through a durable replanting process. Revered as ‘liquid gold’, rare Oudh forms an exquisite union with labdanum, deepening the warm, majestic scent trail and creating an undeniable aura.

The Labdanum Dusk ritual is no ordinary one. The Bath & Shower Gel elevates bathing to an art form with an extravagance that lingers in the air long after it leaves your skin. The Eau de Parfum draws you in with a mesmerizing aesthetic. The brand’s iconic, smoky-brown flacon is topped with a night-black resin cap glinting with gold swirls. Protecting its signature debossed box is a Limited-Edition sleeve that reflects the decadent cap design. And just before you leave for your night ahead, a generous spritz of the Hair Mist dresses your crowning glory with a secretive, beautiful air.

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