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OMODA, a car brand from the future

OMODA, a car brand from the future

As a global brand, OMODA’s first car, the OMODA C5, has been launched in many countries and regions around the world. In the Middle East, it is currently launched in Kuwait and Qatar, and will be launched in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The origin of the name OMODA

The name of OMODA is elected by users from over 600 proposals worldwide. OMODA highlights the good-looking appearance and high-technology perception in account of the “Modern” lifestyle. “O” means surprise, positive, dynamic tone, and said Oxygen, is an essential element of life. “MODA” means fashion trend, representing the global new generation of people to understand and pursue fashion trend.

OMODA’s design philosophy

OMODA is the first brand created by OMODA Global based on the needs of global users. Under the new design concept of “Art in motion” proposed by the OMODA R&D team, the eye-catching sliding back styling of OMODA’s CROSSOVER-style SUV will provide young users with the most futuristic technology, thus responding to the young personality proposition.

OMODA’s Ecology and Brand Concept

OMODA’s slogan is Cross F future, the “F” has double means, one is cross FOR future, on the other hand, it means cross FROM future. This also shows that OMODA is a futuristic car brand.

OMODA believes that the future belongs to all users, so everything is user-centered, to create the most futuristic car is also creating the car that users like the most.

OMODA is not only a car brand, but also a lifestyle. OMODA will create an exclusive OMODA ecosystem in the UAE, which will cover all aspects of users’ lives. They call this ecosystem O-universe. In the future, there will be many elements in this ecosystem, such as automotive,technology, lifestyle, fashion, e-sports and animation. OMODA will appear in different industry ecology, which will make users’ lives more convenient and colourful. And it is actually an extension of the concept of parallel universe and metaverse.

In the United Arab Emirates, OMODA proposes the concept of Future-Fashion and integrates the metaverse into the automotive industry. According to the latest information disclosed by OMODA UAE information. OMODA is developing a digital human and a metaverse showroom, which will provide users in the UAE with a brand new car buying experience.

OMODA’s product layout

To date, OMODA has entered the market in 10 countries globally, gradually implementing a strategic global market layout, as OMODA’s first car to enter the UAE, as of June, the sales volume of OMODA C5 in the first half of 2023 in the global market has reached Collected 70,821 vehicles, putting them on track to achieve their annual target of 200,000 overseas sales.

Electric Vehicles are one of the future development trends, and OMODA also has a layout. Its pure electric vehicle version OMODA C5 EV continues the “ART IN MOTION” design concept as a whole, not only retains the overall outline of the hatchback coupe SUV and the highly recognizable dynamic taillights and other design elements, especially through the inspiration of light and shadow, it presents a super realistic look and feel. The trendy aesthetics of dreamscapes.

OMODA C5 EV will also speed up the pace of the international market, and plans to launch it in the Middle East market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Some basic information of OMODA C5

Apart from its fantastic appearance, OMODA C5 boasts powerful intelligent technology configuration. Equipped with its 10.25 duplex screen, new generation of 4.0 ADAS system with 16 functions, and intelligent cabin with 64-color atmosphere lights, it highlights a fascinating feeling of future technology and fashionable experience. Among which the 4.0 ADAS system puts OMODA C5 far ahead of its peers. In addition to adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keeping assist, autonomous emergency brake and other general features, OMODA C5 is also equipped with the driver monitoring system (DMS) for the first time, achieving a technology configuration comparable to that of a premium vehicle.

In terms of powertrain, OMODA C5 performs satisfactorily and as well as 2.0T model. Powered by the blockbuster 1.6TGDI engine, OMODA C5 can deliver a maximum power of 145kW and a peak torque of 290N m, matching the Getrag 7DCT, which is the same as BMW X1. Thanks to the 1.6TGDI + 7DCT power combination, OMODA C5 can achieve the extreme driving experience within 8s for 0-100km acceleration.

OMODA obtains five-star certification

On August 1, the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) released the latest safety test results. The OMODA C5 has passed the professional and most rigorous safety evaluation and received the highest rating of five stars. This award is another testimony to the strength of the Euro NCAP five-star certification in December last year, which indicates that OMODA C5 already has the world’s highest safety standards of five-star certification.

OMODA UAE’s business model

In order to provide better services to consumers in the UAE,OMODA’s business strategy is as bold as its brand. While most car manufacturers rely on major distributors to conduct their business in the UAE, OMODA have taken a different approach by setting up their own local company in the UAE.

This means that they can provide a higher level of service in all aspects than any other car manufacturer. Their customers will have direct access to the principal company in the UAE. Unlike other auto brands, car services will not be a major issue for OMODA.

This also makes consumers have more expectations for the launch of OMODA in the UAE


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