Dive into Retail’s Future: Retail People Magazine’s Q3 Edition Ventures Beyond Boundaries to Explore New Horizons

Ali Sajwani Takes Center Stage on Retail People Magazine’s Front Cover, Offering Exclusive Insights into Innovation and Excellence

Retail People Magazine, the voice in the retail and shopping centre industry, is delighted to announce the release of its highly anticipated Q3 edition, themed “Beyond Boundaries: Exploring New Horizons.” The latest edition takes readers on an exhilarating journey through the ever-evolving world of retail, showcasing inspiring narratives of innovation, excellence, and ambition.

The Q3 edition transcends traditional boundaries, offering a dynamic blend of content that includes comprehensive shopping centre updates, a thought-provoking special report, engaging featured articles, and a roundup of the latest industry news. As the landscape of retail continues to evolve, Retail People Magazine remains at the forefront, providing readers with an immersive exploration of the future of retail.

At the core of this edition stands Ali Sajwani, Managing Director of Damac Properties. In an exclusive interview, Sajwani takes readers on a journey through innovation and excellence, unveiling Damac’s groundbreaking approach. Explore the dynamic trajectory shaped by Sajwani, where luxury converges with innovation. From revolutionary retail to seamless community integration, Damac’s evolution knows no bounds. Immerse in global ambitions, dynamic alliances, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations. Prepare to embark on an intimate exploration of Damac’s universe, where opulence transcends realms.

Retail People Magazine and The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers extend heartfelt appreciation to its esteemed advertisers: Damac Properties, Al Rashid Mall Al Khobar, Azad Properties, Yardi, The Clock Towers Shopping Center, and Sahara Centre. Their steadfast support and collaborative partnership stand as a testament to the synergistic ethos that propels the retail sphere forward.

Readers are invited to delve into the latest issue of Retail People Magazine – the Q3 Edition. Immerse yourselves, draw inspiration, and stay informed about the currents shaping the future of retail.

Read The Retail People Magazine – Issue 36 “Beyond Boundaries:

Exploring New Horizons

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