‘Kits of Solace’ CSR Initiative on Course to Deliver 250 Tons of Essential Food Items in UAE by End of Ramadan

The CSR initiative of Mellow Trading  – “Kits of Solace” has till date distributed 139 tons of essential food commodities to impoverished residents in the UAE. This figure is poised to reach 250 tons by the end of Ramadan.

Mr Mohamed Siddique Fazlani, owner of Mellow  Trading who is behind the initiative said  “The magnitude of people affected by the COVID-19 virus situation is HUGE – loss of jobs and income has led to people not having money for three square meals in a day. Some of these are families are with new-born babies as well as old and sick parents. The intention behind ‘Kits of Solace’ is to bring hope and smiles to the less fortunate in our society.”

The initiative started 20 days prior to Ramadan. Under the ‘Kits of Solace’ initiative, food supplies have been given to organizations and volunteers, who in turn identify those in need and distribute the kits to them.

Kits of Solace has till date distributed 139 tons of rice, dal, wheat flour, sugar, oil and other food essentials. The campaign has so far delivered food ingredients that has provided over 690,000 meals (9200 food kits have been given so far. Each kit feeds a family of 5 for 15 meals).

Mr. Siddique has extended his special thanks to all the organizations and volunteers who were instrumental in bringing the initiative to fruition. He also called on other business houses to use their CSR initiatives to support those in distress due to the pandemic.

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