Keep an eye on elderly relatives, kids and team while at work remotely

Families & Front Liners Stay In Touch With Loved Ones During Covid-19

As we practice social distancing and follow guidelines to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of Coronavirus, a reliable home security system like eufy Security can help us keep an eye on what is happening outdoors, at home, at the office, watch elderly relatives living remotely while essential front liners can keep an eye of their family while at work.

COVID-19 has caused significant “Anxiety” for families, making it difficult to keep an eye on children around the clock or monitor elderly parents who live remotely. Eufy Security Smart Wireless Cameras and Video doorbells hence have become essential at this current moment using “Motion activity alerts” that shows who is entering or leaving your home or any room, who is at your door step and users can define the designated zone to get alerts on unusual activity.

While some parents are allowed to work from home during isolation, essential workers do not have that privilege and need to monitor home schooling or child sitting at a distance. For these parents, knowing what is going on at home while they are away is vital. Are the kids staying in the house and attending their classes and is their lunch or dinner arriving on time are questions that can cause anxiety.

The motion detection alerts in Eufy security cameras, which can be wirelessly installed near the front door and are triggered by movement can answer the above questions. Users receive a smartphone alert when a motion is detected & recorded and the video is viewable at the same time.  

The real time response feature on the camera allows you to speak directly to anyone who approaches your front door via two-way audio as well as keep the kids disciplined during study time. It is a great way to be plugged into your kids’ activity while working on the front lines and ensure intruders stay away.

Eufy Video Doorbell has proven to be another great accessory during isolation. If you use online food and groceries delivery services like Talabat, Uber Eats, Amazon, noon, you may know that they practice “no-contact delivery” by placing your food or grocery in a way that minimizes in-person contact. Eufy Video Doorbell alerts you when your food or grocery has arrived and you can see and speak to the delivery team using the Eufy Security app.

If you are worried about unfamiliar faces or strangers in the neighbourhood, you can check suspicious activity from your smartphone. Eufy doorbell (2k Resolution) is equipped with a two-way audio system to scare off intruders and allows you to save footage with no monthly charges.

If you are in quarantine or at the hospital, you can also stay in touch with people at home and office and feel as though you are in the same room.

Eufy Security Doorbell is more important now than ever during these challenging times as COVID-19 keeps us away from our office, our elderly relatives and in some instances, away from family if our jobs require us to be out in the field helping to battle the Coronavirus. It has made isolation from our loved ones more bearable and relieves anxiety with the real time interaction.

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