Grooming Gift Sets By Diggn’It

Diggn’It, the all-natural beard care brand has the ultimate beard care kits carefully curated  to suit the needs of every gent who tends to rock a beard or stash, boasting of the most desired products and tools to shape up well. These kits, inspired by Barber Shop essentials, includes the brand’s latest full-service kit, The Gentlemen’s Essential Kit, The Ultimate Grooming Kit V2, The Arabian Exclusive Set, and The Starter Kit, each tailored to different needs. These four unique sets provide all the necessary items to help men keep their beards well-groomed, nourished, and moisturized – with unique scents of classic Arabian aromas. 

  • The Gentlemen’s Essential Kit: The brand’s latest exclusive kit offers solutions to all the common beard complications, including products that are hygienic, nourishing, and reduces itchiness. The kit comes in a waxed canvas toiletry bag available in four colors and is stocked with all of Diggn’It’s best-selling products which are The Arabian beard oil, Arabian beard balm, Arabian mustache wax, Arabian beard & face bar, beard & mustache scissors, beard softener, bamboo beard brush, and finally, a sandalwood beard comb.
  • The Ultimate Grooming Kit V2: This gift set comes in a waxed canvas toiletry bag available in four colors and is equipped with all the must-have grooming products for all the beardsmen that want to try it all from Diggn’It’s best-selling products. The Ultimate Grooming Kit V2 includes Arabian beard oil, Arabian beard balm, Arabian mustache wax, Arabian beard and face bar, and a stylish sandalwood beard comb packaged in a high-quality material toiletry bag. 
  • The Arabian Exclusive Set: Offers a selection of all-natural products specifically designed to eliminate beard itching while helping it grow strong and healthy. The set contains Arabian beard oil, Arabian beard balm, and a bamboo beard brush. 
  • The Starter Kit: Helps stimulate skin pores and encourages healthy growth and nourishment of men’s facial hair. The Starter Kit includes an Arabian beard oil that comes in any of Diggn’it’s signature scents such as the mystical misk, oud, amber, rose, citrus, or smoke & pine aromas; in addition to one bamboo beard brush. 

All of the beard grooming products at Diggn’It are made from natural ingredients and are preservative-free, which makes them the perfect eco-friendly product which is also safe for the body. 

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