Monday 11th of December 2023

Dubai based Artist, Kim Oberoi’s Series “Meditation” is now represented by Context Art Gallery

 The “Meditation” series inspired by botanical art is now available on multiple platforms courtesy Context Art Gallery

Kim Oberoi is an Indian born contemporary artist based in Dubai, her experiences have passionately led her as a painter with an extensive international portfolio of exhibits including, UAE, Germany & China.

Kim is largely a self-taught painter; her dedication to her craft has successfully seen her work represented globally. Her latest accomplishment includes her series on Botanical arts curated by Context Art Gallery, which is listed with “Artsy”, “Koonessofficial”, “_artsail_”, “artmajeur”, “wdwlls”; Kim’s work will be displayed in all the platforms.

This series started in 2019 and is currently ongoing, I use watercolors, coffee and acrylics as my mediums for this set of works. This series draws inspiration from botanical art and is a result of meditative and energy-healing practices, which leads to a calmness that allows space for creativity to grow and brings about clarity in vision. It is nature that I connect with at this stage and the gratitude I have experienced towards the elements of the environment that gives this series it’s name “Meditation”says Kim Oberoi

Context Art Gallery is an international art gallery specialized in contemporary art. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of established and contemporary artists, with a special focus on abstract, non-figurative art, photography and sculpture. In a time when fast communication and media have a direct impact upon our lives, the gallery concentrates on the online representation and art selling, as well as on pop-up exhibitions and the participation in selected European art fairs. We are collaborating with various art galleries, art institutions, interior designer and concept stores worldwide, aiming to create multiple opportunities for our artists and offer best art advisory services for our art collectors. ​


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