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Shereen Shabnam

During the initial years of me being a wellness member at the Shangri La Dubai (My favourite place to be in Dubai), I never had enough time to appreciate the lovely ambience or indulge myself physically and mentally until the pandemic gave me the time to find renewed energy to create positive changes and optimise my time at the gym and spa.

All it needed was a change in my work schedule and my change of scenery to build inner strength through mindfulness and resilience and outer strength through exercise and nourishment. It is easy to underestimate the power of change of scenery, but a new environment, fresh faces and new experiences helps in boosting the physical and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes you do not need to go far to free your mind but enhancing your own personal space with elements like candles, flowers or meditative props that are relaxing are just as effective. We love getting inspiration from shops like Dwell and Aura for scents and aromas.

My favourite calming sound is the singing bowl therapy where the soft vibrations and sounds resonating from the bowls, placed near the body releases stagnant energy and restores its natural flow. The best way is to be in a tranquil environment to enjoy the luxuries of silence, mindfulness and calmness away from technology. The silence helps focus on inner strength while some light exercise boosts physical vitality.

Another way to free the mind is to get rid of the clutter around, reassess old ideas and thoughts plus find motivation towards defining new goals and routines. As it is summer now, it is time for holidays and a perfect time to rejuvenate with activities such as swimming or snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, meditation, yoga and of course retail therapy.

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