Elegance Reimagined at Rosselli AX Privilege

Verna Muerong

Nestled within the historic heart of Valletta, the Rosselli AX Privilege redefines luxury in a 5-star setting, housed in a beautifully restored palazzo. This haven of sophistication is not only a testament to architectural beauty but also a pinnacle of tranquility and comfort, complete with Michelin-starred dining experiences.

We recently stayed at this hotel for our belated honeymoon, and it was the perfect place as a base to explore the city. The hotel offers six uniquely designed accommodation styles, each a seamless fusion of modern luxury, striking design, and timeless elegance. These opulent rooms and suites encapsulate the essence of lavish living amidst the rich history of Valletta.

Recognized as a top honeymoon destination by Travelmyth, Rosselli AX Privilege stands out in Malta’s capital city. The distinction of being Valletta’s first 5-star luxury property is just the beginning of its allure. Here, newly-wed couples find an idyllic setting for their honeymoon, wrapped in luxury and personalized care that turns moments into cherished memories.

The team at the hotel are clearly committed to making every honeymoon experience unforgettable. The hotel’s philosophy is to infuse warmth and human connection into every stay, ensuring that every guest feels more than privileged and we certainly felt very welcomed and treated well.

The hotel’s commitment to excellence extends to Grain Street, the hotel’s streetside restaurant. It’s a culinary realm where Mediterranean flavors meet contemporary style, offering an à la carte menu that’s as inventive as it is delightful, accompanied by a meticulously curated wine selection.

Perhaps what truly sets Rosselli apart is its breakfast experience. From Michelin-level cooking to the inclusion of Prosecco for a touch of celebration, each aspect of the morning meal is designed to delight. The options cater to every palate, from the health-conscious to those seeking indulgent flavors, with vegetarian and vegan choices thoughtfully included.

The ambiance of Rosselli AX Privilege is just as captivating as its culinary offerings. Whether dining indoors surrounded by boutique charm or on the outdoor terrace with views of Merchants Street, guests are transported into a world of elegance and history.

In essence, Rosselli AX Privilege isn’t just a hotel; it’s a journey into the heart of luxury, culinary excellence, and unforgettable experiences in the historical tapestry of Valletta.

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