Elizabeth Arden White Tea Eau De Parfum

A New Scent of Wellbeing. White Tea celebrates the pleasure of a life finely crafted. Discover the simple joy of defining a moment for yourself and savoring the personal reflection that comes with it. Tailor the world to your own private pleasure. Bottle the spirit, add a touch of serenity, and enjoy. White Tea invites... Continue Reading →

The apotheosis of Parisian sensuality

BDK Parfums reveals Extrait Gris Charnel  Edited by Eric Dury Independent French perfume house, BDK Parfums reveals Extrait Gris Charnel, from the Collection Parisienne. The perfect balance of elegance, power, and intensity, this perfume builds on the brand's collection of creative fragrances with high-quality ingredients inspired by characters, movements, and silhouettes. Memories and imagination are... Continue Reading →


Clive Christian Art Deco XXI Blonde Amber and Amberwood Edited by Natasha Dury The Noble Collection from Clive Christian takes wearers on a dramatic journey through the design eras of the past, celebrating the art, architecture and horticultural movement of key periods in history. Emerging just before the First World War in Paris, Art Deco... Continue Reading →

Go floral with Parfums de Marly 

By Natasha Dury Winter is all about cuddling at home on the sofa with a good book with aromatic uplifting and mood-altering scents. We are ready to embrace a new generation of floral fragrances that last all day from Parfums de Marly. Combining citrus notes with deep wood embers, spring florals and aromatic spices, these new... Continue Reading →

Les Benjamins Debuts Fragrance Line

Natasha Dury Les Benjamins introduces their eponymous inaugural fragrance line. The new line, which consists of ten individual eau de parfums, serves as a continuation of the brand’s long-standing mission to bridge the east and the west through the marriage of cultural symbology, and now fragrance notes. Liquid Gold unites top notes of marine accords,... Continue Reading →

Oud For Happiness

A portal to modernity Luxury French perfume house, INITIO Parfums Privés celebrates the latest addition to its collection of fragrances, Oud for Happiness, from its Black Gold Project Collection. Available across the Middle East, this formula for happiness revives the therapeutic nature of perfume. Fascinating, enchanting, and purifying, Oud for Happiness unveils another facet of... Continue Reading →

Parfum de Marly launches Oriana

There is something about the captivating luxury of Oriana's gleaming deep pink attire that makes us look at it and think "This is so going to be our go-to scent for Fall!" Oriana is a new, addictive world of indulgence, the story of a heroine with character and a hypnotic sillage. Delicate and airy like... Continue Reading →

Incandescent Sensuality

L’interdit Eau de parfum rouge Defying convention, breaking free, vibrating since its creation, L’Interdit has always been a strong catalyst of liberating powers. With the Eau de Parfum Rouge, L’Interdit arouses and burns with incandescent sensuality. It is not about resisting it but giving in to it. Created by Master Perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo... Continue Reading →

Curating a Sensation of Surprising Notes

Mustafa Alasali, Founder and Owner of Mavroki By Shereen Shabnam The art of creating a signature scent requires not just knowledge and insights into the fragrance industry but a passion for the opulent world of fragrance. We speak to Mustafa Alasali who launched his brand Mavroki in 2018, a niche luxury French perfume house that... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Ajmal’s 70th anniversary With Aristocrat Platinum Eau De Parfum

Ajmal’s founding father, the late Haji Ajmal’s inspired journey takes you through his story of a ‘farmer to a perfumer’ who built his empire on the intricate art of perfumery,  that many have come to love and admire over 7 decades.  Ajmal (whose name means “most beautiful” in Arabic) celebrates its 70th Anniversary, and to commemorate thisjourney, Ajmal has launched their latest fragrance Aristocrat Platinum Eau De Parfum, embodying the memories and success garnered over the last 70... Continue Reading →

Oudh: the holy scent of Ramadan

Rasasi Perfumes welcomes those near and dear with a curated range of traditional premium home scents this holy month Rasasi Perfumes, a pioneer within the fragrance industry in the Middle East and one of the first brands to introduce an array of products to help perfume one’s home, welcomes guests this Ramadan for Iftar and... Continue Reading →


THE NEW LIMITED EDITION BOTTLE YSL Beauté introduces a new limited edition that electrifies the iconic Eau de Parfum bottle, like a hot summer night: the bottle charged with the most iconic emblem of rock music: the bolt. Like lightning, she is the light, that even just for a second, turns light out of night.... Continue Reading →

Discover Harmony & Chemistry in One Luxurious Box

LOOTAH, UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery has launched its magnificent new ‘Velvet Blend’ range. Featuring three customisable gift sets, the ‘Velvet Blend’ range allows you to choose your favourite fragrant treasures from LOOTAH’s stunning selection of enchanting perfumes, incredible incenses, and fragrant ouds and oils, to be placed inside an exquisitely crafted, beautifully scented, luxurious velvet... Continue Reading →

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