‘Sherwood’ is the latest scent from Memo Paris

We recently ventured out to Amazonico in DIFC to meet with Parisian fragrance house, Memo Paris to get to know Sherwood, a new scent inspired by the Major Oak from Sherwood Forest while sampling the amazing dishes inspired by the forests.

The latest and mesmerizing scent that the perfume house brings to fragrance enthusiasts is the next chapter to their Graines Vagabondes collection. With Sherwood, Memo Paris explores the very real Sherwood Forest in England, the fictional lair of Robin Hood.

A wooded setting with messenger birds, with ferns and dense foliage, trees of various species, in the footsteps of this big-hearted bandit, whose memory envelops the imagination like a sandalwood perfume.

With Sherwood, Memo Paris takes forward the Graines Vagabondes range, which has a core purpose of discovering the sense-awakening adventure in the plant world by creating a vibrant, fruity and aromatic botanical collection. The source of inspiration lies in seeds and their power of life, fruit and the promise of energy it brings. Nature’s matrix, eternal ally, this unique little gem wields all of its symbolic force to galvanise the heart of each composition.

Sherwood, a fitting ode to the majestic English forests, a botanical palace in which each root hides a tender shoot, each variety of tree surprises by its skin-like bark. Smooth and sweet like orange blossom absolute. Like rose. The main notes include a sandalwood cream, with a deep and mellow woody signature enhanced by upcycled oakwood. Creamy woods colored in red, faceting them with sparkling balckcurrant buds and a bouquet of warm spice, including fusing pink pepper.

Founded in 2007, Memo Paris images perfume as a journey and invents the map of a sensitive world rich in emotions. Over the years, Memo Paris has taken its perspicacious clients and connoisseurs through a remarkable journey treating them to the art of high-end luxe perfume making. Ever since, the luxury perfume brand has risen to the class of fine perfumery.

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