Sunday 10th of December 2023

Oud For Happiness

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Luxury French perfume house, INITIO Parfums Privés celebrates the latest addition to its collection of fragrances, Oud for Happiness, from its Black Gold Project Collection. Available across the Middle East, this formula for happiness revives the therapeutic nature of perfume.

Fascinating, enchanting, and purifying, Oud for Happiness unveils another facet of Oud, an ancestral material with a recognized psychoactive and spiritual dimension. With distinguishing marks, this unique creation amplifies the benefits of oud through a puff of freshly cut calming grass; energizing and uninhibited. According to Australian researchers, oud referred to as “wood of the gods” elicits a calming sensation by activating the regions of the brain connected to well-being. Thus, this composition provides an addictive means of relaxation that stimulates self-confidence.

Exuding authenticity, every note and accord is magnified by its raw materials, captivating the senses with natural beauty. Ginger is infused as an exhilarating aphrodisiac to ignite the senses and melds with Virginia cedar, a wood rich in Thujopsene with toning properties. Furthermore, Liquorice is mixed with vanilla to further heighten the olfactory narrative and liberate with irresistible energy.

With Oud for Happiness, INITIO offers a distinctive creation destined to procure strong emotions. Better than an imaginary paradise, the fragrance transports its wearer into a secret dimension where the experience of deep harmony can be lived. It is more than a scent, it is a door to fulfilment. Like invisible forces, the brand’s creations are known to push instincts and infuse life with a newfound intensity that goes beyond the rational.

Captivating luxury, INITIO bottles the synergy of oud in all its vibrance and power, housed in an original design depicting the dynamic forces of sacred geometry, represented by the tree of life, a symbol of happiness and abundance. A therapeutic encounter, Oud for Happiness is rich in terpenoids, which wield natural sedative and anti-anxiety powers, to rebalance energy levels while relaxing the body and mind.

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