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Nadiia Ratke, Founder and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice

By Shereen Shabnam

Nadiia Ratke is a dynamic 34 year-old business leader who wears many different hats. She is the Founder and CEO of VI Group and CEO of the International Organization of Social Justice (IOSJ).

Based between Germany, Dubai, Geneva and Ukraine, Nadia has managed a number of projects successfully recently that includes a WHO, UNESCO concert, justice system in Ukraine, Chile, a Global theater event, supported a project with the First Lady of Ukraine, represented artists from Ukraine at the Dubai Art Expo and was part of Sharjah government’s Eighth International Travel and Tourism Forum.

We speak to Nadiia about her current plans and thoughts of her life experiences. Nadia graduated with a Masters (M.A.) in Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named T.Shevchenko and she also did course (B.A.) in International School of Management (ISM) Hamburg, Germany, in Psychology and Management.

Nadia is now focused on finishing a PhD in philosophy and politics. In future, she wants to learn international law to protect the rights of people and hence her dedication to her initiatives under International Organization of Social Justice.

International Organization of Social Justice (IOSJ)

Nadiia’s love for charity work started early when she helped to open the first center for children with special needs while at University and has continued since. She did an internship for social work in the Administration of the City Council and went on to work for Global Charity, Politics and Business Organisations as part of the team for Human rights, Immigration, Justice, Home Affairs, Asylum Policy and Woman Leadership Program.

Last year was a success for Nadiia as the founder of the International Organization of Social Justice. Her first project was a strategy on accessibility with the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska. As part of the collaboration, Nadiia acted as an expert on economic barriers, vowing to present the best developments, formats and experience in this field, previously successfully implemented in Germany, Austria and other European countries for years.  

One of Nadiia’s projects is named “Barrier-free” to support the office of the President in helping to write a new law for work by people with special needs. It is a very important project for Nadiia who believes that everyone deserves a normal life full of joy and as part of the social network of society.

Through IOS, Nadiia also took part in the 16th Open All-Ukrainian Recreational Sports Games. The team of IOSJ foundation went to Black See to support sports youth with special needs and winners were awarded a prize fund provided with Nadiia’s patronage.

Nadiia is also an advocate of a project where the National Opera of Ukraine hosted the world premiere of the international project “Musical Thanks to Doctors” with the support of WHO and UNESCO, which brought together composers and performers from France, Turkey, UAE, Argentina, Ukraine and China. The author of the project is the conductor, UNESCO artist of peace, Herman Makarenko.

Nadiia Ratke with HH Sheikh Hasher Maktoum Jumah Almaktoum

The auditorium was filled with Ukrainian doctors, volunteers, veterans from all over the country. Since doctors are on the front line for the second year in a row in difficult conditions with extreme risk, the concert was away to say thank you to all doctors in Ukraine. Nadiia expressed her gratitude to all doctors of Ukraine and the world in a statement as well.

Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom and UNESCO Deputy Director-General Eduard Firmin Matoko stressed in a video address during the concert that the audiovisual content created within the project will be part of the global ResiliArt movement, and the video version will be seen by all doctors around the world!

With the help of Nadiia Ratke, two Ukrainian artists worthily represented Ukraine at the Dubai Art Expo 2021 which featured over 500 artists from over 170 countries and showcased exquisite art while fostering mutual cooperation that built bridges between nations.

Now even more people in the world know of talented and creative Ukrainians as the event was attended by H. E Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence where Nadiia proudly introduced the Ukrainian artists to Art Curator, Aurela Cuku and other stakeholders in the region.  

With the assistance of the foundation, Nadiia and Oleksandr Skichko, Head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration officially represented the Cherkasy region at the Eighth International Forum of Travel and Tourism in Sharjah, UAE.  She helped to the official signing of a memorandum of cooperation between both regions starteing with developing a few beautiful cultural projects.

The Foundation also supports the online course,” Know your Ukraine!” It is already on the EdEra platform with free access for everyone! In these videos, children try to explain the concepts of traditional Ukrainian rituals and culture as they understand or imagine them.  Nadiia’s next ida is to present this project in other countries to strengthen cultural diplomacy relations.

On Children’s Day, the Foundation made a joint project “Kids & JuniorZ Games” with friends and partners of the NGO “Olexander Pedan’s Movement” JuniorZ “and the Sports Committee of Ukraine. About 650 children competed in cheerleading, floorball, air badminton, petanque, rugby and korfball to encourage sports. For this, IOSJ and Nadiia are always happy to support the initiatives as a patron of the event, providing prizes for championship participants and sports equipment for teams.

With IOSJ, Nadiia is also keen to create a Ukrainian International Financial Centre (UIFC) to provide economic stability and improve investment climate in Ukraine with leading international specialists to support the project. The aim is to offer comfortable conditions and institutional infrastructure that can be used by the entrepreneurs from around the world to solve legal disputes with the help of the UIFC by engaging the most experienced judges, to control their asset and investments.

Another IOSJ initiative is to help reform the Judicial System of Ukraine to provide social justice to the country and each citizen. The aim is to make positive changes by cooperating and negotitating with the main legal institutions and offer fair and honest judicial system. The fund helps get support from necessary expert consultations from international organizations such as UNO, USAID, European Council and Human Rights Watch.

For 2022, Nadiia hopes to do a lot more than what has been done in the past. She is inspired by UN/UNICEF and people who support such organizations to make the world a better place.

Sharing ideas at Industry events

Nadiia reflects on all her personal developments last year and for the New Year 2022, she hopes to bring in for meaningful projects. She enjoyed the opportunity to exchange experiences, information and ideas about the future of the tourism sector in the region Eighth International Forum of Travel and Tourism in Sharjah, as it brought together a number of experts and specialists in the field of hospitality and tourism.

Nadiia sees the tourism industry as one of the fastest growing industries in the world market. Managing the tourism business requires excellent leadership skills that provide continuity and the ability to confront a variety of issues, as well as knowledge of the market and trends, risk assessment and decision-making skills. Nadiia hopes to use her global experience and diplomatic skills to bring more collaborations to together.

Business Development and Trade – Born in UAE and made in Ukraine!

Nadiia recently became the CEO and founder in a Food and health focused new business founded in UAE called VI Group Agro. With years of experience behind her, Nadiia felt ready to build a new business with the model, which for 100% met her principles!

For the first time, she felt comfortable to add a new portfolio in the business world as she believed in the products and enjoyed the job. While it is difficult to start a new venture, Nadiia feels positive in starting a business that is born in the UAE with products made in a fair and eco-friendly way in Ukraine.

Nadiia hopes to follow the same principles in running the business as the Foundation with the mission to make the world better.  Everybody has a fundamental right to have access to ethically produced food that is safe for their health and well being.

The company focuses on current market trends and develops new relationships with trading partners while maintaining the same level of trust and quality. Nadiia hopes to evolve the company to a stage where VI group offers their own brand of ecological products in the UAE and the GCC region.

On the personal front, Nadiia enjoys travelling to different countries to discover new cultures and she loves exploring small cities in Italy but her favorite destination is her partner’s grandparents’ home as time with family is special.

For role models, Nadiia looks up to Angela Merkel and Melinda Gates, as well as teachers, doctors and her family as they think about ways to help others and make the world better. She enjoys working with the UAE businesses and believes the UAE, with a strong new modern generation are leading growth initiatives in the right way.

Nadiia loves the culture of innovation in UAE and although the society is progressing, there is still a deep respect for the local traditions and culture that the local people have. She also likes the fact that despite becoming a modern society, the people in UAE are family oriented.

Nadiia is thankful to God for her new business initiatives and for the time she gets with her family. We look forward to Nadiia’s new business venture in the UAE and her Foundation’s initiatives.

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