Zak Zorro releases new song ‘Dhinchak Dhinchak’

Music video reiterates the capability of high end made in UAE productions that appeal to the international audience

Zakeer Hussain, popularly known as ‘Zak Zorro’ released his latest music video ‘Dhinchak’ on July 5, 2022. The Song has been produced by Icon Art Production and has been filmed for 3 days at 6 different locations including popular nightclubs like “The Avenue” at Shangri la Hotel located at Sheikh Zayed Road and “Bling” at Five Hotel, located at Palm Jumeirah, Half Desert Road, Construction Site, Icon Studio, and various Dubai Roads.

Icon Art Production is a big promoter of the local scene. Zak’s 5th music video was shot in Dubai, featuring Dubai based talents featuring over 40 Models, 40 Professional Dancers, creative talents, choreographers, and technical crew.

Explaining his inspiration behind the music video, Zak said “My creative inspiration for the video was to take commonly used Indian slang ‘Dhinchak’ (which means gorgeous/beautiful) and create it into a party track, something that can be easily sung and danced to.  It has been an interesting project for me, working with Adel Serhan (renowned International Arab Director) and together, we created something unique.” 

“Music is the strongest form of magic, it is an explosive expression of love, and we are all touched by it no matter what culture, race or country we come from. I have a fascination for Electronic Dance Music in particular and the thing about Dhinchak is, it just uplifts your mood from the very 1st beat and makes you move. It gets your whole-body to groove and I think that’s what people around the world enjoy,” continued Zak.

“It has taken me a decade to fine tune my music career and this was only possible by being in a supportive country like the UAE and a dynamic city like Dubai where creative work is recognised. I was awarded a golden visa recently for my contribution to the creative scene and that gives me additional motivation to produce good work that is at par with the global music scene,” adds Zak.

Zak sees himself as a global artist not bound by any single genre or style, he has always been influenced by world music and his vision is to record in as many different styles as possible. However, as a music purist he makes sure to follow important elements and protocols of each different genre in their pure form. Dinchak is an honest attempt at ensuring the authenticity of the music remains while the vibe only gets one to groove to each beat.

‘Dinchak’ released on 5th July ‘2022 on all the digital stores Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Saavan & YouTube on the Zak Zorro channel worldwide.

About the singer

  • Founder of Icon Art Production, (Amongst UAE’s Top studio, Equipment Rental & Production house) Zaptech Solutions (IT Solutions Company ) and Zhealing Centre  
  • 3000+ productions including Feature Films, TV Programs, Talk Shows, Web-series, TV commercials, Music videos, Documentaries, Events, Exhibitions, and corporate films
  • As a singer and music producer & Director, Zak has recorded over 70 singles in the last 4 years. 
  • A Versatile artist who has sung in various genres of music Pop, Rock, HipHop, rap, Rock Ballad, Afrobeats, Reggaeton, Sufi, Qawwali, Dance Hall, EDM, Bhangra.  
  • Released 5 music videos which have crossed over 15 Million+ audience worldwide. 

The listeners can also enjoy over 53 Songs in different genres, The Previous 13 Singles and Music Albums named “SOUL”, “Eternal Love”, “Afrolina”, and latest “Baby Dil Dena

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