Zak Zorro releases “Baby Dil Dena” 4th Music Album

Zakeer Hussain popularly known as ‘Zak Zorro’ released his latest album ‘Baby Dil Dena on July 25th 2021. An album with 11 diverse Musical tracks with flavor of Jazz, Flamenco, Pop, HipHop, RNB, Rap, Afro, Spanish, Punjabi, Latin and Arabic Influenced. The Songs namely ‘Baby Dil Dena’, ‘Bumpe Yolo Yolo’, ‘Ishara’, ‘Kali Raat’, ‘Dil Tujhpe Dhardke’, ‘Dhoka’, ‘Faasla’, ‘Marjaavan’, ‘Halka Halka Nasha’, ‘Haye Mera Dil’ ‘and Kabhi Kabhi’

Zak Zorro released his 4th Music Album “Baby Dil Dena” with unique Music.  As a leading Music Producer and Singer, he has produced over 15+ Styles of Music and Sang in 7 Languages.

Speaking on the release, Zak said “Music is my life and has become part of my daily routine with creating music, studying, experimenting, and working with different styles of music and languages. Music is Like a meditation to me, and whenever I work on a new genre or language, it’s a completely new experience from zero, as if it is my First Song production. I have a great team who understands my vision and works in my direction, and we accomplish every time unique songs and produce great album. Music is an explosive expression of love, passion, and we are all touched by it, no matter what culture, race or country we come from.”

Further expanding on his fascination for creating new styles and trends of Music Fusion in particular, he said “The thing about “Baby Dil Dena” Album is that it will take you in a trance and you can reconnect with all your beautiful moments of life and re-live them in your mind. It just uplifts your mood from the very 1st Song and makes you enjoy different melodies, and It will be a treat to Music Lovers around the world.”

The listeners have an opportunity to enjoy over 52 Songs in different genres, The Previous 13 Singles and Music Albums named “SOUL“, “Eternal Love “, “Afrolina”, and latest “Baby Dil Dena”. Zak Zorro known for his versatile vocal abilities will be bringing his unique fusion of songs to music lovers around the world in different genres, Pop, Rock, Electro-Rock. Hip-hop, Rap, Trap, RNB, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Funk, Sufi, Qawwali, Ghazals, Reggaeton, Afro, Chill-Out, Dream-Trance, EDM, Reggae, Flamingo, Contemporary-Salsa, Arabic, New-Age Arabic and so much more.

Zak sees himself as a global artist not bound by any single genre or style.  He has always been influenced by world music and his vision is to record in as many different styles as possible.  

The Album is produced by Icon Art Productions, Songs are written by Zak Zorro, Faraz Rizvi, Waqqas Qadir Sheikh, Sammyoung, and Music Produced by Faraz Rizvi and Zak Zorro.  Sammyoung is also featured in 2 Songs in Ishara and Dil Tujhpe Dharkay.

‘Baby Dil Dena” released on 25th July ‘2021 on all the digital stores iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Gaana, Saavan & YouTube on the Zak Zorro channel worldwide.

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About Music Album “Baby Dil Dena” 

“Baby Dil Dena” Is A Title Track and Dance Track, Synth Waves and Heavy Kicks Along with Some Groovy Baselines.

‘Bumpe YOLO YOLO’ Is A Modern EDM Track with Catchy Hook Lines and Melodic Vocal Chops That Keeps the Listener Engaged Throughout the Song.

“Ishara” Is A Contemporary R&B/Hip Hop Vibe. Dramatically Engaging Vocal Chops Giving It a Smooth Groovy Essence.

“Kaali Raat” Is Also a Modern Jazz & Blues Orientation. Saxophone And Guitars Along with Bluesy Style Vocals Are Keeping the Retro Vibe Alive in This Track.

“Dil Tujh Pe Dharkay” Is A Modern Salsa Vibe with Funky Trumpets, And to The Point Backings Vocals as Fillers Are Spot on With the Given Pump on Bass and Kicks. Afro Verses with Hindi Chorus Are the Hooks Driving the Track.

“Dhoka” Is A Modern Pop Flamingo Track with Fresh Guitars Sounds & The Story Telling Is Taking Us Back to The Origins of Flamingo Music.

“Faasla” Is A Pop Contemporary Track Emotional as the Vocals and Synth Shines Through Out the Track. Heartbeat Vibe with The Kicks and Complementing Bass Lines Is the Aura of The Track.

“Marjavaan” Is A Modern Punjabi Track Deep Sub Kicks Round Bass and Mellow Guitar Fillers Are Complimenting the Poetry and The Genre in A Very Subtle Style.

“Halka Halka Nasha” Is Commercial Hindi-Punjabi EDM Track Loaded with Smooth Melodies. Powered Kicks with Synth Basslines and Catchy Hooks.

“Haye Mera Dil” Is A Modern Reggaeton, Latin Pop Along with Designed Guitars for The Bright Positive Vibe Over All the Song Complimenting the Lyrics.

“Kabhi Kabhi” Is Also a Contemporary Reggaeton with Latin Urban Pop Vibe.

Vocal Chops and Backing Vocals Are the Beautification Which Is Driving the Feel of The Song. Kick And Bass Itself Makes You Move.

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