Yava – A feast for your senses

By Eric Dury

While looking for a place to celebrate my birthday in my neighborhood, this year we ventured to the the Mediterranean chic restaurant Yava in Wasl 51 across the road. Yava’s magic has a lot to do with the charismatic Chef Olcay, the artist behind the culinary masterpieces that dazzle diners in terms of flavor, quality and presentation.

Every dish reflects the thought put into every dish by the talented and multi-faceted culinary team at Yava. We tried some extraordinary dishes that showed that Chef Olcay is truly a master at the gastronomic arts and even the salads were delightful, and we particularly appreciated the personal care taken by Basil Yassin, the mastermind behind the concept.

Yava is named after the port city of Yafa and it celebrates the shared history of 21 countries nestled by the Mediterranean Sea.  The dishes seamlessly blends the unique culinary influences in the dishes in its broad selection of mezze, pasta, fatayer, signature mains and desserts.

The interior of Yava is sheer artistry, with the different elements, colors and patterns reflecting the characters of each Mediterranean country.

What we loved for our dinner particularly was the baked feta cheese that came wrapped with crispy Kunafa and with natural honey on the side. The welcome bread and dips were particularly nice and as we love spices, the chilli dip and the oregano mixed with olive oil totally hit the spot.

For main course, we went for a truffle pasta dish which had the best aroma and tasted as good, delighted all the senses. The texture was perfect, so it looked good and tasted good. We have a weakness for sweet potatoes and the Chef was most accommodating by sending us a bowl of sweet potato fries instead of mash potatoes to accompany the grilled mouthwatering lamb chops.

To celebrate my birthday, I decided to indulge in the chocolate fondant that came with a birthday message and was accompanied with ice cream. Service was impeccable right through our dining experience and the warm deco added a touch of authenticity to the venue.

Located at the fashionable and exciting Wasl 51, this exquisite Yava bursts with culinary delights and dishes that certainly capture the mood and beauty of the Mediterranean. And with an acclaimed culinary master such as Chef Olcay in command of its cuisine, Yava is set to please and delight even the most discerning guests.

Head over to Yava this month as they will soon be launching a new summer menu set to entice food aficionados in the UAE.

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