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Working from Home Tips

Working from Home Tips

By Shereen Shabnam

A few years ago I made a choice to be my own boss because I could not understand the need to spend hours on the road getting to an office during peak time. As someone with over 20 years of PR and media experience, I was earning more in a month than most of peers made in six months so it was a tough decision to make but being an Islander, I was born to place quality of life above everything else that mattered to the masses and giving up an office job was a no brainer.

I still work for the same organization independently and still remain one of their most loyal advocates but instead of being an employee and getting a paycheck, I get a consultancy fee. I do the same amount of work, deliver all my work well before time and have time to travel, test drive cars on different terrains and play golf all because I chose to work from home. I pay for an office I have not seen in four years and it is a running joke amongst my friends that I have the most expensive desk in the city that I pay for but do not own.

I have no regrets so far as four years ago I chose to work from home and started appreciating life the same way others are doing now but it took a pandemic for them to realise that life does not have to be complicated. With technology, working from anywhere is possible and you can live life on your own terms by letting go of the need for a high salary and material items in your life that in the long run has no purpose.

I still enjoy the thrill of innovating and planning daily. I feel just as energized by completing tasks and meeting deadlines. Instead of taking 15 clients, I only entertain a maximum of five clients at a time if they can guarantee me meaningful work and if the fee is rewarding enough. My team know my ethos of quality over quantity to ensure we have a perfect work life balance which in the end ensures clients also feel our positive vibes and get inspired to try out new initiatives.

Working from home helps me stay mentally healthy and gives me positive energy levels for doing good work. I usually follow some basic rules below to keep me focused and productive.

Have a planner or things to do list to stay on track. Digital calendars and on the phone and desktop are life savers.

Short breaks for food and coffee giving you a chance to relax and focus on tasks with fresh eyes.

Become physically active as exercise releases good endorphins that makes you feel happy and reduces stress and anxiety.

Get to bed early and improve your sleep pattern and quality.

Feel good by being part of CSR initiatives and support entrepreneurs and small businesses.


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