With every problem comes an opportunity

By Shereen Shabnam

After dealing with the global pandemic for over a year, starting 2022 is the ideal time to reconcile ourselves for a better and more progressive new year. Instead of making unrealistic resolutions like I have done in the past, this year I vowed to go along with life dealing with events as they come and make smaller and more achievable goals along the way.         

Marking and crossing off atomic changes can include introducing a new skill every month, identifing a bad habit, having more me time with a self-care routine on a weekly basis and generally doing things that makes you smile. For me, my weekly meal with my best friend in a different place gives me something to look forward to and it allows me to have a conversation with a kindred soul.

It is important to enjoy every moment of your life and attract good vibes in your life by having positive people in your life to help create a positive mindset. A new year gives us the opportunity to do what brings joy with priority to mental and physical health.

I always believe life is not worth living if you don’t set milestones and challenges for yourself with goals to overcome a vulnerability and using every new day as an opportunity to improve, challenge and celebrate existing capabilities and harnessing ideas that have a potential to succeed.

Last year I was fortunate to meet life coach Maggie Williams who asked me to map my day and I found that starting the day with the morning prayer was the best success trigger for me and how being thankful and mindful helps appreciate what we have in life.

If I did do resolutions this year, it would be more about being the best version of myself through self-discovery and by being kind, tolerant and forgiving. It would also be about not procrastinating.  

Often enough we do not value every minute we have and being mindful of how it is spent. I would love to learn practical tips on how to stop finding the right moment to do things and do what is needed away instead of leaving it and then forgetting about it.

A new year also gives us the opportunity to share knowledge, experience and profits with the community, or with a charity. Giving time to a cause that resonates with you can be fulfilling. Here’s to a healthier, more mindful, more impactful 2022 that leaves the pandemic behind and new opportunities for the UAE as we make the most of having the expo in our city.

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