Towards a more sustainable travel industry: ATS Travel and Amadeus Partnership Leading the Way 

By Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont, GM Amadeus Gulf. 

One of the key areas of focus for ATS Travel and Amadeus is environmental-minded travel and ecotourism. These areas offer immense potential for positive impact, and both companies recognize the importance of playing a role in promoting sustainable practices in the travel industry. ATS Travel understands that measurement or science-based data can be a real challenge for many businesses but is the most essential step in the journey towards reducing carbon footprint and taking steps to mitigate climate change.  

ATS then, through its Go Green Initiative, began to offer science-based data on the carbon footprint as science-based targets are one of the most effective ways to tackle carbon emissions. Among the innovative solutions driving ATS Travel’s efforts are the sustainability related solutions provided by Amadeus. These solutions align with the sustainability goals of travel companies, by offering a range of tools to make informed decisions about reducing environmental impact and promoting more sustainable choices.  

At Amadeus, our environmental sustainability strategy is based on three pillars: 

  1. Responsibility: addressing the environmental efficiency of our operations.
  2. Commitment: supporting our customers with our sustainability value proposition. 
  3. Collaboration: working with industry stakeholders on joint sustainability initiatives.  

A recent highlight for Amadeus and ATS Travel was the Climate Fresk Conference, a collaborative effort with partners to champion climate change awareness. The conference showcased the commitment of both companies to drive meaningful change and inspire others to join the quest for a more sustainable travel industry.  

The ATS Go Green initiative has already started to yield benefits. From implementing sustainable practices within the company’s operations to promoting more sustainable travel options, ATS Travel is leading by example. ATS travel is taking important steps towards reducing carbon footprint by ensuring its clients’ travel programs are designed with sustainability at the core. The company also supports clients by offering solutions through sustainable procurement practices across the supply chain.  

ATS Travel also offer verified certifiable carbon offsetting solutions across the globe and are setting an example by offsetting the company’s own footprint through various plantations across Asia & Africa using the world renowned Miyawaki afforestation method. ATS ensures all communication to its clients carry the carbon footprint data for the services used, making it easier to offset or choose a more sustainable option the next time. 

Similarly, Amadeus’ commitment to sustainability in travel is reflected in its investment in Chooose, a climate-tech company that integrates climate action options into the customer experience. The travel technology provider continues to invest in helping the industry minimize its environmental impact, including investing in sustainable aviation fuel innovator CAPHENIA, a German company that will produce synthesis gas, the feedstock of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

Amadeus works on the environmental efficiency of its operations and supports customers in their sustainability journey with the aim of reaching the industry’s goal of being Net Zero by 2050. It brings people and technology together to help build a responsible, inclusive, and sustainable travel and tourism Industry. One example of this is the 35,829 hours invested by staff into community programs globally with initiatives such as the Amadeus Volunteer Day.  

As Amadeus and ATS Travel continue the journey towards a more sustainable travel industry, both companies remain committed to driving positive change. This partnership is about creating a more sustainable future for all. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, Amadeus and ATS Travel are demonstrating that sustainability is not just a nice-to-have, but a fundamental business priority. 

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