Timeless Design, Expert Craftsmanship & Advanced Technologies: Genesis G90

Shereen Shabnam

During my recent visit to Los Angeles to test drive cars for the World Car of the Year Awards, the highlight was being able to drive the luxury sedan G90. On return to the UAE, I had a few days to drive the elegant car in the Middle East, which was a total delight to be able to experience the car for longer.

The regal G90’s appearance is the most elegant interpretation of the brand’s design philosophy of Athletic Elegance, capable of providing truly luxurious experiences. It offers a driver and passenger experience unlike any other, with a new level of world-class comfort and enjoyment, from its easy to close power doors to its a front and rear massage seats and of course the intelligent memory system.

Genesis’ impeccable attention to detail makes the G90 an unsurpassably alluring ride. The model introduces a bold new direction, with advanced assistance features that make driving easier, along with a variety of new technologies that add value to passengers’ journeys.

The Powerful performance of G90 effortlessly commands attention. With adaptive technology built to deliver a more responsive ride, G90’s available 409-hp, 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine with 48V e-Supercharger offers sophisticated strength balanced by pulse-quickening power.

Genesis customers can expect new driving specifications to offer the utmost in terms of comfortable mobility along with many new features designed to enhance both the drive and the cabin experience. For safety, the new G90 features an array of advanced sensors, cameras and radar technologies to help warn of and mitigate potential collisions

The G90 offers numerous features that highlight the vehicle’s sensitivity, upgrading it from a mere means of transportation to a customizable personal space. With The G90, Genesis is offering a glimpse into its vision for the future of mobility and thoughtfully crafted luxurious cars.

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