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The Road To The 2022 World Car Awards


Celebrating The Best Of Today. Embracing The Best Of Tomorrow.

By Shereen Shabnam

The 2022 World Car Awards program has officially launched and I am delighted to be a Motoring Jury representing my region for this global award. The World Car Awards has a dual mission of celebrating the best of today while embracing the best of tomorrow. This is accomplished via two platforms.

The Road to the World Car Awards is an annual journey that follows more than 100 highly respected international automotive journalists as they test-drive, and vote on, the 2022 eligible vehicles. The journey has started already, then move on to the 7th “L.A. Test Drives” media event in November, followed by the World Car Finals in March when the finalists are declared. The overall grande finale celebration of the winners will take place at the New York International Auto Show when six category winners will be announced on April 13, 2022.

The 2022 list of all eligible vehicles in six award categories has been made public and can be found on the official website of the awards. The World Car Awards’ second platform is The Road to Future Mobility. This initiative is focused on the future trends that are changing the global industry right now; thereby embracing the best of tomorrow.

Future trends are brought to life by my fellow journalists around the world who share stories about emerging technologies through their media outlets, video channels and on social media. In addition, the Global Trends Report, co-presented by AITASTIC and the World Car Awards, is produced twice a year and highlights top trends that surface in our research.

A new highlight of the 2022 awards program is the debut of the World Electric Vehicle of the Year award. This new award is intended to recognize, support and celebrate the global transition to electrically-powered vehicles that is now underway and to acknowledge the efforts of automakers around the world in developing these climate-conscious vehicles.

The Road to the World Car Awards journey and The Road to Future Mobility would not be possible without the support of our official partners – the New York International Auto Show, ZF, AITASTIC, KPMG and Newspress, our official media partner.

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