The Republic of San Marino presents the Business Forum “A business-friendly jurisdiction in the heart of Europe” at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Republic of San Marino curated a Business Forum dedicated to tourism and economic promotion of the country at the Abu Dhabi Hall of Expo 2020 Dubai. The conference was led by the Agency for Economic Development – San Marino Chamber of Commerce with the participation of Fabio Righi, Secretary of State for Industry, Handicraft, Trade, Technological Research and Regulatory Simplification.

To open the panel of the discussions, the Pavilion Director Letizia Cardelli, warmly greeted the audience of General Commissioners, Directors and Managers of other pavilions together with the Emirates media specialized in the economic and tourism sector.

Following the greeting to the audience, Minister of State Fabio Righi, Denis Cecchetti, Director General of the Agency for Economic Development – San Marino Chamber of Commerce underlined the mission of the Agency, Chamber of Commerce as an official tool for the promotion of San Marino economy abroad and the attraction of foreign direct investments being the first point of contact and concrete support for companies interested in investing and building a business in San Marino.

Following this, Laura Fabbri, Director of the Trade Division of the Agency – Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the different “strategic assets” of the San Marino jurisdiction in the various fields of action: tourism, international context, economics and taxation, giving a 360 degrees overview of how the country system of the Republic of San Marino presents itself to the world.

The primary objective of the speech was to communicate to the guests attending to consider San Marino not only as a destination for tourism, thanks to its strategic position, natural beauty and democratic values at the basis of the recognition as UNESCO heritage, but also as an economic destination, in which to invest and develop sustainable projects in the long term.

Among the assets presented were also San Marino Innovation, partner of the Agency – Chamber of Commerce, an institute in charge of the certification of highly innovative companies, the Court for Trust and Fiduciary Relations and the University of San Marino.

The presentation concluded with a short Q&A session and the projection of videos illustrating the peculiarities of San Marino landscape.

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