The Leading UAE Tour Operator Launches New Brand, “Holiday Factory Premium”, at the ATM 2023 in Dubai

Introducing Holiday Factory Premium – the game-changing brand for high-end, all-inclusive holidays in the UAE

Holiday Factory, the leading and award-winning tour operator in the UAE, announced the launch of its new brand, “Holiday Factory Premium”, at the highly anticipated event, Arabian Travel Market 2023, held at Dubai World Trade Centre.

“The UAE market has a unique demographic landscape with an exponentially growing expat population. The region has experienced rapid economic growth, which has resulted in an increase in the disposable income of its residents. Which in turn has created a surge in demand for Premium holidays,” – says Namrata Bhatia, Director of Marketing at Holiday Factory.

“Research of the UAE market suggests that 1/3rd of the population is seeking premium holidays and is underserved with all-inclusive packages at the right price”, – says Sandra Daemmrich, General Manager.

After successfully serving the UAE middle-class segment with unbeatably priced holiday packages, Holiday Factory is now set to reshape the “Premium” outbound travel industry with its exciting selection of popular & unexplored destinations such as Switzerland, Italy, Maldives, Northern lights of Scandinavia with an Ice Igloo experience and many others.

Holiday packages include direct flights with all local airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Flydubai and others, as well as reputed international airlines, and premium hotels, transfers, insurance, and curated daily expert-guided tours – to allow UAE residents truly experience the destination the Premium Way! Customers can choose to travel in a small group of like-minded travellers for a more affordable option or travel privately for the ultimate exclusive experience.

“73% of Premium holiday seekers residing in the emirates are looking for all-inclusive holiday packages, and 95% of those end up booking by themselves. It’s a long, tedious process of endlessly researching and creating a self-itinerary which ends up being expensive,” said Ekaterina Malikova, Product Manager at Holiday Factory Premium.

“As travel experts, we curate an entire holiday experience of unparalleled luxury at cost-effective prices”, – added Malikova.

In recent years, the importance of online shopping has grown massively, and Holiday Factory Premium recognises that customers crave a seamless, simple booking experience. Their one-stop-shop online booking platform allows clients to book their dream holiday within minutes!

With their successful track record of revolutionising the market with affordable holiday packages in 2011, there is no doubt that Holiday Factory Premium will once again make history and change the game.

Visit or call their expert Premium advisors on 04 – 210 9000 to book your dream holiday experience! 

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