The importance of indoor air quality: Samsung contributing to the health and well-being of our consumers

Now more than ever, indoor air quality is of vital importance to health and well-being. Due to the current circumstances taking place around the world, people of all ages are being urged to stay at home, with adults and children alike working and learning remotely. Moreover, widespread restrictions mean people cannot exercise and experience the outdoors like they are used to.

Consumers require the air that they breathe to be purified – people cook at home, people may have allergies; people may have pets. At Samsung, we are committed to introducing air purifiers that provide clean air, and we have the perfect solution – the AX60 purifier. With cutting-edge capabilities and a world-class five-step filtration system, families can breathe the clean, fresh air synonymous with the outdoors in the comfort of their own homes as 99.97% of air particles are captured.

The AX60 has been engineered to provide unrivaled efficiency and effectiveness. The pre-filter absorbs coarse particles in the air, such as visible dust and pet hair, while the second e-charger filter releases static electricity that draws in dust particles. Meanwhile, the third, fourth, and fifth filters eliminate bad odors and harmful gases, invisible particles, and airborne microorganisms, respectively.

Here are four of the main health benefits for consumers who purchase the AX60:

1.    Allergens from pet odor and dust will be eliminated

Pets bring enjoyment and joy to all of our lives, but most are prone to experiencing the outdoors daily. Due to the current climate, people are staying indoors – and so are pets. The odor that may built up as a result of them being inside can contaminate the air you breathe indoors. Similarly, dust odor can also be hazardous. The five-step purification system captures up to 99% of the finest microdust, as small as 0.02 micrometers in the air. To emphasize the AX60’s capabilities in this regard, that is around 50,000 times smaller than a pencil point.

2.    Carbon dioxide levels will be reduced

Dying plants and burning fossil fuels are just two examples of how carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced, and this builds up when confined in a space without oxygen circulation. In the current climate, high numbers of people may be refraining from opening windows or doors for fresh air sources. The AX60 will reduce carbon dioxide levels as it circulates air and purifies your surroundings. Our unit operates quickly and effectively, with a comprehensive detection system, advanced sensors, and a display that provides you with accurate information about current indoor air quality conditions.

3.    Children and the elderly will be more protected from respiratory problems

Poor indoor air quality negatively impacts those that spend the most time indoors – children and the elderly. Children are at risk because their bodies are still developing, and the elderly are less capable of fighting disease and infection. The AX60 purifier ensures children and the elderly will be more protected from respiratory problems due to its industry-leading purification capabilities, including the filtration system that guarantees 99.97% of particles in the air are captured – a figure that has been verified by independent testing. Healthy breathing surroundings are guaranteed with the elimination of damaging air pollutants.

4.    Fumes and pollutants from outside will be eliminated

Despite being inside the comfort of your own home, external fumes and pollutants can make their way inside through open windows and doors from motor vehicles, nearby industry sites, burning of fossil fuels, or toxic waste. With the best filtration system available, the AX60 purifier merges modern aesthetics and innovative technology to deliver fresh, clean air and eliminate such fumes and pollutants in the process.

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