Ten tips to keep your home safe & secure, whether you are at home or away!

Over the next seven months, besides annual leave, business trips and adhoc weekend getaways, there will be over 80 days of national and school holidays coming up, meaning potentially, you could be spending a considerable amount of time away from your UAE home.

School spring break – 25 March to 9 April

Eid al Fitr – April 20-23

Eid Al Adha – June 27 to July 2

School summer break – July 7 to August 30 (est’)

Zohaib Azhar, Head of Operations at home maintenance specialist Hitches & Glitches, shares his top ten tips to keep your home safe & secure, whether you are at home or away!

1. Make sure all windows and doors and firmly shut and locked when you are out or asleep and don’t forget to lock your garage door and any garden gates.

2. Install or replace any faulty locks on windows and doors.

3. Install video doorbells, flood lights and cameras as well as other smart home lighting gadgets.

4. Keep valuables, including car keys in a safety deposit box or home safe.

5. Park cars in a garage, if possible, don’t leave them outside gathering dust, or alternatively arrange to have them cleaned periodically while you are away.

6. Cancel any subscriptions for items that are scheduled for home delivery. 

7. Sign up for the Dubai Police Home Safety Programme.

8. Tell your neighbours and friends that you will be away as well as any community security if available.

9. Be careful when discussing holidays in public areas or on social media.

10. Don’t post pictures of your holiday or business trip on open social media platforms while you are away. 

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