Sustainable Fashion Trends – 2021 Edition

Since the coronavirus outbreak, sustainable and ethical fashion have grown to be extremely popular. In fact, it has become a trend in itself. To give more perspective, according to the Business Research Company, the ethical fashion industry is set to grow from $6.3 billion in 2019 to a whopping $8.25 billion by the end of 2023. The overall growth rate is expected to be over 6.5%. In line with this, it becomes important to establish a few popular trends that are determined by the latest events and issues. As we kick start this New Year, the industry is seen to be dominated by intelligent technologies that are continuing to redefine garment concepts. Hence, this column will delve deeper into the latest fashion sustainable trends that are set to rule to the era!

Colours and Prints

For many decades, sustainable fashion is often associated with classic or neutral hues fused with timeless fashion. On the other hand, mainstream fashion is all about bright colours, pompous designs and playful patterns. Perhaps this was one of the conventional ways to distinguish sustainable and mainstream fashion forms. However, times have changed and now the ethical fashion division is more open to incorporating vibrant colours, fun patterns and bold designs. Today, there are numerous designers who are looking to bridge the gap and offer consumers ethical fashion garments that are environmentally-friendly yet allow them to showcase their unique personality.

Capsule wardrobe

One of the biggest influences for almost all industries has been pandemic. For many people, work from home wardrobe became heavily influenced by bathrobes, sweatpants, and other loungewear. On the flip side, many have started realizing how some common fashion elements can organically bring together professional attire without much glamour and effort. Additionally, many consumers do not shop as much as they used to previously, taking a massive economic hit for the industry. In line with this, there is a high possibility for brands and fast fashion companies to come up with capsule wardrobes that are easy to maintain, accessible and versatile that are dominated with ethical or sustainable outfits.

Digital sustainable fashion

Soon after the coronavirus outbreak, lockdown and social distancing rules were enforced on an immediate basis, directly affecting the fashion events as they practically became non-existent. Fashion brands in the hope to reconnect with their consumers and target market, resorted to digital fashion shows. With virtual fashion shows getting immense limelight along with the display of 3D fashion designs, it can be interesting to see how digital fashion unfolds in the year 2021. It is certainly here to stay but how well is the industry equipped to run digital editions of renowned fashion shows is yet to be discovered. However, with digital fashion, many problems are dismissed such as environmental issues, pollution, wastage and the huge unpaid workforce.

Rewear takes centre stage.

Gone were the days when people are looking for outfit ideas that don’t match with other apparels. With the global pandemic making headlines, people have accepted in improvising their outfits with the ones in their wardrobe. It can be safe to say that rewear has gone mainstream as people are no longer obligated to repeat their outfits, although they design it differently! As a result, 2021 can also witness a similar trend with people looking at wearing the same dress for multiple occasions without any hesitation.

Although there are numerous sustainable trends that are soon to dominate the industry, these are few brands, designers and companies are gearing up towards.

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