Say Hello To An All-New Laundry Experience; Ariel NANO Lab Pop-Up at Ain Dubai

  • Welcome the future of laundry in an immersive pop-up that delivers a multi-sensory experience
  • The lab came as part of the regional launch of Ariel NANO Pods a first of its kind revolutionary new detergent form  
  • The FREE event offered visitors the chance to leave with a complimentary pack of Ariel NANO Pods

Have you ever worn an outfit that felt rough or had colors looking a bit dull because of excess detergent residue? Do you remember how many times you had to rewash a piece of clothing to get that stain out?

Well, now you can forget all about that, as Ariel Middle East, one of the world’s most recognizable laundry brands, is launching a revolutionary new detergent that delivers unprecedented levels of cleaning power.

Ariel NANO Pods is the newest form of detergent in the world designed to solve the region’s number one laundry challenge of getting up to 100% stain removal with 0% powder residues on clothes.

As part of this launch, Ariel invited Dubai residents and visitors to experience the innovation for the first time, as part of an immersive pop-up activation that took place against one of Dubai’s most iconic backdrops.

The Ariel NANO Lab, situated at the base of Ain Dubai, transported guests into the future of laundry, which combined virtual and physical realms to create a one-of-a-kind discovery experience through innovative and interactive technologies.​ Those who visited the lab, experienced a host of activities and got the opportunity to learn, experience, and discover the product and its never-seen-before benefits as part of the multi-sensory experience.

The single unit-dose sachet is built from the finest powder detergent and super soluble film that instantly dissolves upon contact with water, perfectly dosed for ease and convenience. Upon dissolving in water, the sachet releases fine, highly concentrated detergent particles that penetrate deep into the fibers of fabrics to give you the ultimate stain removal without powder residues.

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