Retail People Magazine Unveils Q2 Edition: A Journey in Style

Retail People Magazine (RPM) is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated second quarter edition, themed “A Journey in Style.” This edition takes readers on an immersive journey through the dynamic and stylish landscape of the retail industry, capturing the latest trends, insights, and inspiring stories that define the sector.

Anchored by the profound wisdom of Steve Jobs, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” this edition epitomizes passion and innovation. The cover story features KINAN, a trailblazer in the Saudi market, led by the visionary Eng. Nidal Jamjoom, CEO, and the dynamic Namar Ghouth, COO. Their narrative is a compelling testament to the power of innovation and boundary-pushing in the retail world.

Highlights of the Q2 Edition:

  • Innovative Leadership: A deep dive into KINAN’s transformative impact on the Saudi market, showcasing their innovative strategies and leadership.
  • Future of Lifestyle: Insights into the evolving landscape of shopping mall culture in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with contributions from industry leaders such as CENOMI, HAMAT, and MEREX INVESTMENT.
  • Trend Reports: Comprehensive reports on the flourishing F&B sector in the UAE and the evolving luxury fashion scene influenced by social media and creating
  • Market Mix: Exploration of the synergy between physical and online retail, emphasizing the importance of exceeding customer expectations in style and fashion.
  • From the Frontlines: Inspiring Q&A sessions with retail influencers Anoop Gopal, Ayman Al Burti, Nada Ghaoui Abousaab, Phil McArthur, Lara Kharrat, and David Macadam.
  • Regional and Global Insights: The MENA Retail Round-Up and Retail Around the Globe segments offer a thorough overview of the latest industry news and trends.

David Macadam, CEO of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (MECS+R), expressed his enthusiasm for the new edition, saying, “As we navigate through the ever-evolving retail landscape, embracing innovation, collaboration, and resilience is crucial. This edition reflects the creativity and determination that drive our industry forward.”

RPM extends heartfelt gratitude to its esteemed sponsors: KINAN, MAJID AL FUTTAIM FASHION, AZAD PROPERTIES, YARDI, and HAMAT HOLDING. Their unwavering support and the dedication of our contributors have been instrumental in bringing this edition to life.

Join us as we embark on “A Journey in Style” and continue to write the story of retail excellence. Explore each page and discover the latest insights, trends, and inspiring stories from the frontlines of the retail industry, this issue promises to captivate and inspire. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey – start reading now!


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