Reflexology Brand Kenkoh Helps Combat Stress

The Japanese designed footwear with special features helps relieve mental and physical stress this holiday season

This year has had a profound effect on the collective wellbeing and mental health of people. While the pandemic is still a new reality, it is essential to regain balance in these complicated times. Mental health has been a crucial aspect of life that has been affected due to several factors, including the aftermath of lock-down, the economic crisis and fear of the virus. Kenkoh offers all the benefits of reflexology to support both mental and physical health. 

The original Japanese massage footwear brand delivers shoes that offer a variety of health benefits, including a positive effect on mental wellbeing. With proven efficiency based on studies, the signature massaging insoles reduce stress levels, stimulate nerve function, reduce chronic pain levels, increase energy levels and enhance feeling of control.

Poor mental health often presents itself as physical symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, headaches and low-quality sleep. According to research conducted by Kyoto University, participants who wore Kenkoh sandals for four hours reported improved moods and their bodies feeling lighter. Another survey conducted by Kenkoh Middle East with Medcare Hospitals revealed that wearing the massage sandals for seven consecutive days not only reduced participants’ body fatigue, it also lessened their foot pain and tension in their legs, while increasing their energy levels by the end of the week.

“We have witnessed the vast mental health implications of the pandemic, in an array of disorders. Almost every group is vulnerable to some form or another. It is essential to take care of yourself, focus on what you can do, ask for support and look after your mental health and physical wellbeing,” suggests Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director at The Lighthouse Arabia Center for Wellbeing.

As COVID-19 strikes hard at global communities, people are seeking affordable, simple and effective solutions to care for their wellbeing. While in-person reflexology is a simple option that works to relieve physical and mental stress, situations requiring physical contact are still approached with caution. With Kenkoh’s massaging insoles, individuals enjoy all the benefits of reflexology, on-the-go, without any physical contact. As little as 10 minutes of walking in the shoes can have a significant impact on energy levels and blood circulation.

The unique reflexology features are also present in the latest premium leather collection for men and women. Offering stylish prints, the range features men’s designs in Kobe and Sendai sandals, featuring finest leather in braided and ostrich patterns. Kobe styles are available in black, white and grey, while the Sendai is offered in green ostrich and brown ostrich colours. For women the collection debuts the Nara sandal in patent black, white and metallic silver. Kenkoh pairs are the ultimate solution, helping increase energy levels, promoting better blood circulation, alongside other health benefits.

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