Rediscover the Sanctuary of Your Home: Jotun presents 2021 Trends

After spending more time inside than ever before, 2020 was the year that changed our relationships with our homes. From creating home offices and study areas to finally tackling DIY projects we’ve put off for far too long, all across the world, people rediscovered peace, security and comfort right at home.

As we move into 2021, we want to nurture this relationship with our homes, building them into our personal sanctuaries. With over 60 years creating colours, Jotun knows that rooms become homes by putting the right colours on your walls so we speak to Rana Khadra, Regional Colour Manager at Jotun Middle East, India and Africa to understand the biggest trends in 2021 that will help curate your perfect space.

Here’s what Rana had to say:

Become one with nature

The concept of celebrating nature in your interior isn’t new, but it is wonderfully calming. Blending raw materials such as wicker or wood with earthy colours such as 12120 Desert Pink, 12124 Natural Clay, and 12127 Earthy Brown, create a pocket of calm in the middle of the bustling city.

Of course, nothing brings the outside in better than plants; whether you add faux trees for a pop of contrast or nurture a potted plant, fill your home with leafy greens.

Personalize your space with trinkets from your travels, such as a clay pot from Morocco or a decorative tray from Brazil. Not only will these ornaments bring back fond memories whenever you see them, they will help to build an authentically eclectic look that is distinctly you.

Less is more

Decluttering your life starts with decluttering your home and that is why the minimalist trend continues to reign supreme in 2021. An exercise in restraint, every item you choose to display in your home should evoke a feeling of delight, making your space your happy place.

When it comes to colours, subtle, quiet colours cleverly layered ensure your minimalist style looks curated, not cold. For example, 12125 Impression or 1563 Lucerne create a simple and versatile look that works in any space.

Life imitates art

One of the best expressions of your personality lies in the art that most speaks to you. For a fresh new take, let your art do the talking, and take the spotlight in your home. It goes without saying that the colour of your wall will perfectly frame your collection, enhancing rather than overpowering.

A neutral beige such as 1276 Soft complements most other colours, allowing you to refresh the space by simply moving your art around.

For a bolder look, explore bright, pastel colours such as 10246 Velvet, which will showcase your artistic flair and elevate your space into your personal art gallery.

Walls are never enough

Finally, our question is: why do walls get all the attention? Your ceiling is previously unused space, so make it work harder for you by painting it! For an ultra-modern look, extend your paint colour up on to the ceiling to draw the eye up and make your room feel bigger.

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