Redefining Luxury and Sustainability in Real Estate

Yousuf Fakhruddin, the CEO of Fakhruddin Properties

Shereen Shabnam

As a leading real estate developer in Dubai, Fakhruddin Properties is set to redefine luxury with its upcoming project, Maimoon Gardens, which offers a blend of futuristic technologies and green living for a healthy and smart living.

We had an exclusive tour of the Experience Centre and met Yousuf Fakhruddin, the CEO of Fakhruddin Properties for a deeper understanding of the advanced technologies used in the project which will improve its residents’ wellbeing.

Yousuf is a visionary leader who aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by blending futuristic technologies with green living for a healthy and smart lifestyle. Born and raised in Dubai, Yousuf has a deep-rooted connection with the city and a passion for creating exceptional living spaces.

After completing his Bachelor’s in Economics in the UK, Yousuf returned to his family business in 2002. He initially started with trading, the original business of the company, and later ventured into real estate development. Fakhruddin Properties soon became synonymous with quality construction and functional living spaces. Notably, their Lake Central Tower on Marasi Drive has emerged as one of the most prestigious towers in the Business Bay area.

Yousuf’s commitment to innovation and progress is evident in every project undertaken by Fakhruddin Properties. Recognizing the vast potential of AI, he believes that it holds far-reaching implications, particularly in the realm of sustainability. With a focus on tackling air pollution, one of the pressing issues affecting the well-being of both mankind and the environment, Yousuf and his team are developing a new property that offers the cleanest air in Dubai.

Utilizing NASA-based technology, the new project integrates the unique Air Purification Technology called Airocide, which effectively removes pollutants from the air. Additionally, it features HEECO2R, an air purification technology that eliminates the risk of mold growth, ensuring healthier indoor environments. These advancements not only contribute to the residents’ well-being but also align with Fakhruddin Properties’ mission to create a platform for sustainable living.

Creativity is a driving force for Yousuf, who understands the importance of designing projects that cater to the modern lifestyle while maintaining practicality. His dedication to providing good-sized apartments that are both comfortable and functional showcases his commitment to offering residents an exceptional living experience.

By staying attuned to market demands and carefully selecting prime locations for development, Yousuf ensures that Fakhruddin Properties remains at the forefront of the industry.

Expansion plans and future partnerships are an integral part of Fakhruddin Properties’ vision. Yousuf aims to become a market leader in practical sustainable developments, instilling a culture and behavior shift towards sustainable living. The Maimoon Gardens project in JVC exemplifies this commitment. With its emphasis on sustainability, technology, outstanding amenities, and top-notch build quality, Maimoon Gardens attracts conscious investors seeking a luxurious and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Yousuf’s fascination with technology and sustainability continues to drive his endeavors. He believes that embracing the latest technological advancements and exploring sustainable options are crucial steps towards creating a better future. With projects like Maimoon Gardens, Fakhruddin Properties offers residents a sustainable lifestyle that combines globalized luxury with ease and peace of mind.

It is evident that Yousuf’s leadership and passion for excellence have positioned Fakhruddin Properties as a trailblazer in the real estate industry.

His dedication to innovation, sustainability, and providing residents with a superior living experience has not only redefined luxury but also created a platform for a sustainable future.

As Yousuf continues to inspire others to lead themselves and embrace creativity, together with his team, he remains a driving force in shaping Dubai’s real estate landscape.

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