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Turkish Airlines’ state-of-the-art lounges

Eric Dury

On our way back from Malta, we enjoyed spending a few hours experiencing the award-winning Turkish Airlines lounge that offers an enhanced travel experience with modern facilities, freshly made local pastries, grilled meat, local dishes, pasta dishes and of course a wide range of local drinks that include homemade lemonades and Turkish coffee.

As an airline that flies to more countries than any other, Turkish Airlines’ lounges align with the Turkish Airlines’ brand of luxury and offers travellers a more rewarding airport experience.

When flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul Airport, Business Class passengers and Economy passengers with Miles&Smiles membership can make use of one of the 2 international lounges, the Business Lounge or the Miles&Smiles Lounge depending on their eligibility, or they can use the Domestic Lounge for domestic flights.

The Business Lounge sprawls across 5,800 sq.m, seats 765 guests, and is easily one of the most well-equipped lounges in the world. With 13 private suites, shower cabins, a Turkish museum, a movie hall, and a variety of delicious Turkish food, the lounge offers world-class refinement and promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Miles&Smiles Lounge, designed for Turkish Airlines’ frequent fliers, also offers a diverse range of entertainment which make the transit between cities the best part of the journey. Open 24 hours, passengers can spend their downtime at the cinema, console gaming or use the spacious children’s playground where the fun never ends.

Meeting rooms and a library are also available.

Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles Lounge has an area of 5.600 m2 and can seat up to 765 people. The lounge houses 11 suites with 11 showers, comfortable couches and delicious treats of Turkish and world cuisines.

The Domestic Lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal and is designed to help passengers relax and revive. With a brand-new children’s play area equipped with game consoles, and an interactive gaming experience, the lounge offers parents a chance to enjoy a stress-free experience as the play corners are overseen by a dedicated Turkish Airlines supervisor.

Now with an advanced new hub and superior facilities, Turkish Airlines’ goal remains to continue expanding globally by increasing both its destination and fleet numbers,

The airline is clearly committed to providing passengers with unparalleled customer service in-flight and on the ground and we certainly enjoyed spending a few hours in Istanbul to enjoy Turkish hospitality at its best.

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