Recent Health Trends for 2022

A recent survey conducted by Bupa Health UK reported that 28% of Brits ignored a health concern, with 16-34-year olds most commonly avoiding seeking help! People are still reluctant to visit their doctors despite health care services efforts to normalise services. I am sure these findings mirrored what’s happening around the world.

After a stressful couple of years its more important than ever to prioritise our health and wellbeing!

Here are the latest trends in healthcare in 2022 :

Prioritise Your Gut Health

Bupa reports that there has been a 83% increase in searches online re- Gut Health. Here’s why.

Prioritising your gut health is increasingly popular- this includes your digestive system and your gut microbe make up. It has become increasingly known that the state of your gut health impacts your overall health and mental wellness. Your mental health can impact the Gut -Brain Axis. So, when you are about to embark on a new dietary regime, make sure you do it slowly to make time for your gut to adjust.

Becoming more Eco-friendly

Searches for eco and climate change anxiety have increased by over 400%. Eco and Climate anxiety is growing and it’s a world- wide phenomena. Millions are feeling the same. Advice is to take notice of your feelings and take positive action steps to support your wellbeing, and make a difference on the planet Bupa says.

Make small eco – friendly changes to your lifestyle such as buying local and seasonal produce. Reduce your food wastage by planning in advance.

Boost your Immune System

Searches for boosting the immune system increased by 80%. Huge increases have been noted in searches for immune health especially since the Corona virus has highlighted its importance. A strong immune system can help to combat such viral attacks, and while it isn’t something you can do overnight, preparing your body and mind before and event can help, such as taking high dose Vitamin D and boosting your sleep habits before the onset of winter.

Incorporating Mindfulness into your Daily Habits

Research shows that incorporating mindfulness into your daily exercise routine greatly improves wellbeing, lowering your risk of depression and boosting your endurance levels. When you include regular exercise, meditation andgratitude into your routines, they improve your overall stress, boost your mood, and reduce anxiety, due to the release of serotonin the feel-good chemicals.

Track your Stress Levels

Searches increased by 87%. Another trend is tracking your fitness and stress levels on apps that can track your cortisol levels in the body. Try taking not of how you feel physically, such as tension, gut movement, and heart rate. Emotional signs to look for are irritability, anger and feeling overwhelmed.

Relaxation techniques are known to help, and making meditation, yoga or physical exercise a regular part of your routine can keep your mood up.

Mindful Drinking

Searches have increased by 127% for information on this topic. Many people found they increased their alcohol consumption during the Covid outbreak. Mindful drinking means being aware of your consumption, and the reasons why and staying within healthy limits. Knowing the reason why, and considering the amount can help you build a better relationship with alcohol.

Starting a Mood Diary

Searches increased by 83%. Keeping a mood journal can significantly improve your wellbeing. Writing down your emotions has been shown to reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression, especially if coupled with having space to record your daily gratitude.

Maggie Williams

Executive and Wellbeing Coach


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