Pure Cruising Comfort – Azimut 55 Fly

By Shereen Shabnam

The Azimut 55 Fly was recently launched and stands out for its juxtaposition of taut, flowing exterior lines by Stefano Righini, against warm, cosy and refined interiors defined by smooth lines and the creative flair of Achille Salvagni.

The decor is based on the combination of five different materials and, on this model too, the layout of the Lower Deck features three double cabins.

The yacht makes an important style statement and was both a successful and a satisfying challenge for the shipbuilder and the two protagonists, Stefano and Achille of this ambitious and exciting project.

The yacht’s exterior stands out because of the outline of the Flybridge, which extends even further towards the stern and is, in fact, unusually large, reaping the benefits of the extended rear section. This makes it possible, even on the 55-foot model, to include a second unexpected living area, sheltered from curious eyes, which can be furnished with two facing sofas.

The Main Deck features a big sun lounging area in the bow. Designed to act as an oasis of comfort, it draws its inspiration from the idea of a cocoon, in which the oversize cushion set, defined by soft, circular shapes, creates a sense of all-embracing well-being.

The elegant central area on the Main Deck, which is slightly raised above the entrance area, consists of a small lounge with a central low table and two facing sofas that have a magnificent sea view.The Lower Deck features three double cabins.

The VIP cabin in the bow has a double bed, of course, while the spacious full-beam owner’s cabin, which is flooded with light through two large rectangular windows, is located in the centre of the boat. Between the two is the third cabin, which is fitted with twin beds.

The yacht features latest generation technical solutions, identified by Azimut’s Innovation Lab in the framework of the ECS – Enhanced Cruising Solutions programme, to offer the best possible boat management: from Active Trim Control, to Electronic Power Steering, which allows the owner to customise the sensitivity of the control functions. The two 800 hp MAN engines have shaft-line transmissions, powering Azimut 55 to a top speed of 31* knots.

The interior design by Salvagni is permeated by a sophisticated sense of calm that reigns over all the latest generation Azimut yachts, which are furnished with care lavished on every precious detail and finishing. It looks like a haven to be in for rest and relaxation.

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