Promoting Clean Energy Solutions

ZOLTAN RENDES – Partner and CMO of SunMoney Solar Group

By – Shereen Shabnam

SunMoney Solar Group, a Dubai based renewable energy company is dedicated to building, operating and acquiring solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe (CEE). The group is running a global community solar power program with over 20 thousand clients from 50 countries and is bringing the solar investment opportunity for small private investors.

We speak with Zoltan, the co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of SunMoney Solar Group. SunMoney is running the world’s biggest community solar power program bringing the renewable energy investment opportunity to small private investors globally since 2013. As a partner he is responsible for marketing, communication, business development and strategy in the group. He recently became a European Union Climate Pact Ambassador too.

What motivated you to your current career path?

I spent more than two decades in marketing and communication both as a corporate executive and as an entrepreneur, but my professional career began as a crisis correspondent covering stories in war zone areas of the world. That is when my passion for “saving the world” began. I believe making the world a better place can be profitable too and companies should join the fight against climate change through their business models.

What are you focusing on now at SunMoney?

I am responsible for raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable solutions within the EU and beyond. As an advocate for sustainability, I focus on promoting clean energy solutions and rolling out our products in the MENA region. Essentially, we build and buy solar power plants and turn them into financial products.

How does the investment work for customers in this region?

We offer a solar power programme enabling people to become part of an energy community. We have integrated artificial intelligence into our digital business network. What this means is that SunMoney has incorporated a “Smart Digital Business Network” business model that combines its Community Power Plant Program with automated online sales. As a result, the program is able to fully leverage the power of the community, the potential of solar energy and the profitability of online sales.

How are you creating awareness on green energy?

We are continually invested towards creating effective awareness about the clean energy agenda and adopting artificial intelligence to optimise its business platform and give the best return to its members. We also participate in environment and climate-related events that focus on green energy. Earlier this year, we were part of the Arab Green Summit, which brought together top government officials, prominent decision-makers, and renowned climate policy experts from across the Middle East to exchange ideas, collaborate, and devise a strategy for action on climate change. Plus, we’re teaming up with experts to launch cutting-edge initiatives for electricity production and storage. Our business strategy and plans include overseeing the success of our second asset-backed cryptocurrency fund after the success of the first one as well as collaborating with professional partners to gain more reach in this part of the world. We are continually invested in creating effective awareness about the clean energy agenda and making renewable energy investments more accessible to small, private investors.

What are your future plans?

We are focused on the future by creating effective awareness about the clean energy agenda and make renewable energy investments more accessible to small, private investors. We have been spreading awareness in Umm Al Quwain and Jordan recently as well. We are looking for partners, investors and energy companies to do more and play a key role in fighting climate change. We believe in the power of communities as people have the maximum opportunity to participate, stay motivated and make a difference. We are looking for local companies who would be interested in joining forces with us. The reason being is that this region is quite culturally diverse and has different regulations. By working with a native expert, we will be able to help each other grow. We know that working with people already established in the region will be most effective in creating change. These local power figures have expertise for the area, and we want to capitalize on that knowledge to grow our reach in Middle East and South Africa. After all, combating climate change effectively requires that people be actively engaged.

As a Climate Pact Ambassador, I will be working closely with the European Commission and UN to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable solutions, and I hope for more kids to get involved through school projects. I am positive that our joint efforts will help us develop new technologies and innovative solutions that will eventually accelerate our sustainable development goals for this region and globally.

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