Performance, luxury and efficiency: The new Porsche Panamera

By Shereen Shabnam

As a Porsche owner, I always felt a pull towards the Panamera and have referred the car to many of my local Emirati friends who currently enjoy the model. Many have asked why I have not made the switch from the Cayenne Turbo to the Panamera but I get to drive the new luxury saloon so much with friends with the new Porsche Panamera, that I now consider myself a passive owner.

Redeveloped from the ground up, my current favourite of course is the Panamera 4S, a sports car and luxury saloon in one. Its engines and transmission were re-engineered, the chassis perfected, the display and operating concept interpreted for the future with multitouch controls, and its design embodies core brand values.

I first drove the Panamera on a racetrack in Abu Dhabi and the best description is that it combines the performance of a high-performance ambitious sports car with the comfort of a luxury saloon. It is essentially developed for sports car drivers who appreciate four doors and four seats. And for saloon drivers who prefer sporty handling.

The second generation Panamera is the performance icon of the luxury class with technical highlights such as rear axle steering, electromechanical roll stabilisation and a three-chamber air suspension.

Digitalisation of the automobile is changing mobility more intensively and faster than ever. The advanced cockpit offers state-of-the-art connectivity and interactive displays combining intuitive operation of smartphones with the practical aspects of controlling an automobile.

The Panamera is equipped with many standard and optional assistance systems, which make life while driving more convenient and safer. The key new systems include Night Vision Assist.

A hi-fi system with ten loudspeakers and 150 watts of music power delivers optimal sound
as standard aboard the Panamera 4S models. Two additional USB charging ports ensure that smartphones and tablets in the Panamera are always optimally supplied with electricity.

A Porsche has always impressed with more than just power; its efficiency is equally important. All Panamera models have new engines, permanent all-wheel drive and a new eight-speed Porsche dual-clutch transmission (PDK) on board.

The V8 petrol engines of the Panamera exhibit exceptional agility right up into high rev and power regions. At the same time, the eight-cylinder engines already produce their maximum torque at very low revs. This type of sports car dynamic is largely attributable to the central turbo layout, which is a feature of twin-turbo charging that has been implemented in all models.

The second generation Panamera is the first model from Porsche to feature a dual-clutch transmission with eight instead of seven speeds. The eight-speed transmission generally enables an even better gear ratio spread and with top comfort and agility, a further reduction in fuel consumption, because the seventh and eighth gears are designed as engine speed-reducing overdrive gears. All Panamera models reach their top speed in sixth gear.

The new Porsche Panamera is one of the safest cars in the world. Along with a crash-optimised body, it is the alliance of additional passive safety systems that assures maximum protection of vehicle occupants. The Porsche Side Impact Protection System offers lateral protection.

Encountering two Panamera cars that are configured identicallyis low as the Panamera, Porsche offers personalisation with a very large range of combinations of twelve body colours, ten interior colour and leather schemes, a wide variety of wheels and optional equipment.

The second generation of the Gran Turismo is available in three all-wheel drive versions: Panamera 4S, Panamera Turbo and Panamera 4S Diesel.

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