Pacific Sports ACADEMY LLC Debuts in UAE

First Multi-Sports entity registered to introduce Pacific games and encourage community sports

Pacific Sports ACADEMY LLC, (PACSA) debuts in UAE as the first Multi-Sports entity to be registered to encourage the local and international community to pursue the concept of ‘Healthy Living and Fitness’ through the various organized Sports engagements in the country throughout the year.

According to Ahmed Shak Ahmed, Founder and CEO of PACSA, “As a pilot project, we have identified games like Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, arm wrestling and Netball for sports that attracts locals and residents in the UAE to take part throughout the year. We have already been involved with various Social and Community based events in the country.”

Players registering as Members of PACSA will be supported with regular training, jerseys and opportunities to play abroad.

Sponsors already committed to support the initiative include eufy Security, SBC, Coral Coast Public Relations and various others have showed interest. The organisation is welcoming support from all entities keen to sponsor and promote healthy living in the UAE through sports.

PACSA has met Ambassadors of Fiji, New Zealand and Australia to enhance to encourage their citizens to be a part of the Family oriented organization. PACSA will continue investing in companies that will offer support and growth for the Pacific community in the UAE.

CAPTION: The first Pacific Rugby Team under PACSA start training for upcoming tournaments.

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