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Domino’s 50th store in the UAE marks UAE’s Golden Jubilee

Interview with Filippo Sgattoni Group Chief Executive Officer at Alamar Foods Company

As Alamar Foods, the master franchisee of Domino’s launches its 50th store on Al Qudra Road to mark UAE’s Golden Jubilee, we speak with Filippo Sgattoni – Group Chief Executive Officer of Alamar Foods about this significant milestone for Alamar in general and Domino’s in specific in the Middle East.

Filippo Sgattoni joined Alamar Foods Company in October of 2015 as Chief Financial Officer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In June 2021 he was promoted to his current position as Group Chief Executive Officer Alamar Foods. Filippo gives us some insights into the brand’s current plans.

Are there more new store openings and expansion plans to other Emirates or GCC countries?

This month we celebrate the opening of the 50th stores. For us, this represents an important milestone but not the arrival point. We have ambitious plan to grow further in all the 11 Countries operated by Alamar with Domino’s.

Who are your direct competitors, how is Alamar / Domino’s acting towards it?

We do operate in the QSR sector and this is our competitive arena.  It’s a very competitive sector where a consistent value proposition offered and delivered to our customers it’s the key factor of success. As Alamar and with the support of Domino’s, we are investing a lot on enhancing the customer experience through products, services and technology.

Tell us your USPs re service, product, store image and value.

The Company pursues an omni-channel business strategy by offering to its customers the opportunity to have an in-store experience or a complete digital experience. In the last few years, we have been working to improve the store image and to our order online platforms (APP and Website). Product, Price, Service (delivery) and Technology are the pillars of our value proposition to our customers. 

Are there any current fast Food Industry trends that excites you?

The Food Industry is very dynamic. We believe that digital and delivery will remain strong trends along with functional ingredients and sustainability. The pandemic has also made clear the importance of Trust at 360 degrees. We’ll focus to cultivate the trustful relationship with our customers. And the same we’ll do with our people and partners.

What form of communication works best with your customers … through direct marketing, online ordering or other channels?

Communication is a combination of message and media delivery vehicle. Besides it also depends on communication objective as in brand building, sales promotion, or a product launch. Since our business is dynamic and always works on a combination of promotions and brand building, we keep a mix of channels in our media plan within ATL and BTL. Having said that we highly prioritize on Precision Marketing.

What are your Ramadan Plans?

The holy month of Ramadan is very special for us. Alamar Foods as a responsible corporate operating in 11 countries in MENAP region, always collaborate and contribute towards the society during this month. Last several years we have been running a regional program called PFG (Pizza for Good). Through this program we fed more than a Million needy people, hospital staff and frontline workers with Domino’s Pizza. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our Strategic Pillars and this year we have plans to do something similar. Besides, we will have some special Ramadan Deals for our patrons to enjoy the Domino’s Treat.

Which items on the menu are most popular?

Frankly, our customers can tell best! We are proud of every pizza we make, and we focus on one pizza at a time. There are some items on our menu which are unique like our Pepperoni, the range of Legends, Tikka, Chicken Kickers, Cheese garlic bread or the sharable hot dessert in Crownies. For us, most important is that we always provide best quality and at the best price to our customers.

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