Living life Entrenched in Art: Cathy Deniset

Shereen Shabnam

The home of Dubai based French artist, Cathy Deniset has given me some of my best memories because of the long tea sessions, sitting in a garden with paintings and art sessions and talking to two of my favourite ladies, the artist herself and my France colleague and friend, Catherine Gilbert who writes about all this beautiful ranging from art deco, design and galleries.

Cathy started painting years ago and is a professional when it comes to speed painting, portraits and objects most desired in the region like cars and abstract art. She breathes life into her portraits, which are make great memory pieces and her sketches of beautiful super cars add colour to any space.

My Porsche Cayenne Turbo was painted beautifully by Cathy for my house and her talent and love for art is evident in her paintings and reflects the high level of insights she gained from her art classes in France. She has exhibited her art in well-known local venues like the Dubai Ladies Club, Opera Gallery, the Autodrome, the Courtyard and the Yas Island Abu Dhabi and at car shows where she has enthralled audiences with her work.

Cathy became an artist inspired by her mum who was great at drawing. Her grandfather was a painter and Cathy was drawn to the art from a young age. Learning under the tutelage of renowned artist Christoff Debuschere, Cathy honed her craft in Paris, before arriving in Dubai to hone her craft further with inspirations from the Arab world, influenced greatly by the life, the natural surroundings and the leaders of the nation.

Performing while creating art came naturally to Cathy. Being a former professional dancer and model, she combines her years of experience with art into a form of entertainment, Speed Painting. She has done projects in speed painting successfully in UAE and Qatar and hopes to reach out to other neighboring nations.

Taking art a step further, Cathy creates some of the finest artworks, specifically tailored to an event, right in front of the eyes of guests. Due to her experience and depth of training, she is able to help you realise any figurative or genre required to fit into the theme of the event.

When she is not performing or delivering commissioned work, Cathy likes to paint things she likes for instance cats, cars and afternoons are her favourite time to create new styles and innovate. She has two sons so she enjoys spending time with them drawing ideas about things their generation are passionate about.

Cathy also enjoys painting based on her own way of life and being given the freedom to play with emotions and colours, to present abstract realisations that capture the essence of the subjects that are her model or in her thoughts. She that painting natural elements give her a lot of joy as the sea, the trees, the dessert are all subjects that also give her calmness and keeps her grounded.

Expanding her talent further, Cathy has also done a portrait exhibition, another genre she excels at. Looking at her paintings of influential figures in the UAE, one can see she is breaking ground in bringing something more interesting to the walls of homes, hotels, corporate environments and galleries. She has also done abstract paintings in acrylic, which also are great pieces for home and the corporate environment.

The entire GCC is getting into the world of art and Cathy’s style of artworks, speed painting events, portraits and her new creative innovations add a new dynamic to the industry which we thoroughly love and welcome.

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