Lan To Tschirky: A Catalyst for Positive Change

By Shereen Shabnam

In the dynamic arena of innovation and entrepreneurship, Lan Tô Tschirky emerges as a compelling force, combining business and investment, Health, Technology and Culture. Her journey, weaving through mathematics, fashion, music, and health, reflects the power of interdisciplinary thinking and cultural assimilation.

Born and bought up in Vietnam and now residing in Europe, Lan Tschirky boasts an eclectic educational background and a diverse range of professional experiences. A mathematics graduate, music producer, and fashion design student at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London, Lan embodies a blend of cultures and creative perspectives uncommon in the business landscape.

Central to Lan’s entrepreneurship is Lan Health General Trading Co LLC, a hub of innovative products for the health and lifestyle sector in the UAE. More than a business, this venture reflects Lan’s multifaceted background, allowing her to integrate analytical skills, creative flair, and market insight into a cohesive narrative.

A pioneer in blockchain investment, as the founder of Lan To Capital, her investment philosophy is simple but powerful —focus on early-stage startups at the intersection of technology and humanity. Lan’s Vietnamese heritage also informs her investment approach, emphasising talent nurturing and promoting cultural richness through music and gastronomy. Anyone who knows Lan, knows she can cook as well as any chef. An invite to her joyful dinners is seen by her large network as a genuine gift.

With her latest project, LAN.SPACE, Lan has established a hub for digital and cultural conversation, epitomising her philosophy of integrating knowledge and networking to shape a better future. Here, ideas flourish, collaboration thrives, and solutions come to life. LAN.SPACE provides exclusive access to global leaders, facilitating networking opportunities with a diverse group—from astronauts to business elites, government representatives to blockchain experts, bishops, and VIPs.

Conversations at LAN.SPACE delve into topics like AI’s impact across various sectors—cultural, economic, and political—through expert-led panels. Attendees gain insights from world-class speakers on topics such as resilience in AI, the green transition, and AI’s role in culture.

The LAN SPACE, in collaboration with Seehof Hotel in Davos, Switzerland, a venue historically reserved for high-profile events and an elite audience is pioneering inclusivity by welcoming startups and burgeoning enterprises. As a distinguished collaborator with the Seehof Hotel, a hub for VIP gatherings, influential investor meetings, and family office conferences during WEF, LAN SPACE THE SUMMIT guarantees extensive visibility among a diverse assembly of participants. This includes journalists, family offices, and other key players, enriching the diversity of viewpoints and dialogues.

More recently, Lan is excited about Ikono TV together with Elizabeth Markevitch Founder and Chief Art Officer. Ikono TV is the world’s first 24 hours art streaming platform. Since 2006, ikonoTV has pioneered in the streaming space curating film experiences designed by art connoisseurs for art lovers, international network of high-profile artists, and institutions. The unique Slow Art videos, in partnership with WHO, goes beyond mere entertainment. They are therapeutic, promoting mental well-being.

The Lan Space Summit, an integral part of this venture, showcases business aspects and lets exceptional people participate and showcase their projects. The opening ceremony on January 15th, 2023, promises an unforgettable culinary and artistic experience, bringing in new energy and concepts to Davos.

Committed to well-being, under Lan’s guidance, Lan Health has emerged as a globally integrated health and wellness company. With products ranging from health supplements to personal and home care, Lan Health is driven by a commitment to quality and innovation. The involvement of Dr. Clair A. Francomano, a renowned MD and geneticist as the Chief Scientist Officer, further reinforces the company’s dedication to safe, effective products.

Lan is also deeply enthusiastic about Fresh-lab, a groundbreaking and budget-friendly product that stands out for its simplicity and global applicability. Fresh-lab is ingeniously designed to address some of the most urgent food crises facing humanity today. This compact sachet, effortlessly fitting in packaging or household refrigerators, works wonders in preserving the freshness of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and other perishables for an astonishingly extended period. This remarkable extension of shelf life is more than just a convenience; it represents a significant stride towards reducing food waste on a global scale. With Fresh-lab, Lan sees the potential to revolutionize food storage and drastically cut down on the all-too-common issue of spoilage, making a profound impact on both environmental sustainability and food security.

Lan To Global, which encompasses a diverse array of companies, offers more than just capital injection – it provides a platform for global exposure and networking. Participating businesses gain access to a family of enterprises spanning various sectors, from Lan To Horse Syndicate’s global Polo events to the influential Lan To Capital Magazine, both in print and online.

Venturing into the world of sports, Lan To Capital was a major partner at the Luxury Polo event taking place at Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club in Dubai with the participation of many politicians, royalty, prestigious guests from Dubai and around the world. The successful event was ideal for networking and enjoying the outdoors during the Dubai winter.

With Lan To Entertainment’s multimedia reach, Lan Health’s exclusive health products, and Lan To Lifestyle’s exquisite lifestyle offerings, businesses enjoy unparalleled promotion and networking opportunities. The philanthropic arm, Lan To Foundation, further extends this network by supporting arts, culture, and local initiatives worldwide.

Lan is right now enormously excited about the latest technological advancement in the data sphere – the Dataeuum app. This innovative platform stands out by incentivizing users to collect, verify, and update local data, a feature that she believes is invaluable for investors and immensely beneficial for business owners. By leveraging the power of crowdsourced information, Dataeuum ensures unparalleled accuracy and relevance in its data. Lan is particularly inspired by how this app empowers small businesses, providing them with access to high-quality, reliable data that can drive informed decision-making and foster growth.

We also find Lan fashionable each time we see her. Lan’s “Ethnic Chic” collection is a vibrant expression of her Vietnamese roots and European sensibilities. Launched at the Vietnam Open Festival, this collection celebrates the fusion of traditional Vietnamese patterns with modern fashion design, symbolizing a bridge between two worlds.

Lan To Tschirky is more than an entrepreneur; she is a force of nature, embracing humanity’s hopes and dreams. Her ventures are not just businesses; they’re platforms for positive change, whether it’s through promoting health, investing in technology, or fostering cultural connections.

In Lan’s world, philosophy, art, technology, design, and sustainability intersect, creating a community where ideas thrive, and the future is shaped by visionary minds. Lan Tschirky stands as a beacon of inspiration, proving that when passion, creativity, and vision converge, the possibilities are limitless.,  and

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