Joyful universe at the new Swarovski

With a rich history in innovation and crystal cutting, Swarovski charges ahead with its next chapter—a bold vision that celebrates crystal in all its forms. Regarded as fundamental in the worlds of design, science, fashion and entertainment and as an innovator, the new Swarovski debuts with a joyful universe that invites you to ‘ignite your dreams.’

The Swarovski Wonderlab comes alive with the unveiling of 28 Instant Wonder stores in key global markets. What began with Milan’s Galleria store opening in February, the Parisian debut in March, and the New York City unveilings in April has led to a much-anticipated opening in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, UAE.  

Designed to reflect the brand’s campaign and new visual identity, guests will be welcomed into a sensorial retail space enhanced by vibrant colors, textures, and innovative materials that work together to encourage curiosity and self-expression. Swarovski’s Instant Wonder stores realize a sense of joyful wonder, a candy-like dreamscape filled with the full spectrum of crystal lifestyle pieces—loose components, jewelry, watches, figurines and accessories— and furnished with a captivating backdrop of Swarovski’s octagonal logo silhouette, created from the new packaging.

Though one facet of many in the brand’s relaunch, the covetable new boxes play a key role in bringing Instant Wonder stores to life. Each store is represented by one of five colors – white, pink, green, blue, and yellow – that are, in turn, inspired by the prismatic result of light shining through crystal. Walls are lined from floor to ceiling in the octagonal boxes to create a monochromatic, repeating motif that encourages exploration.

In addition, a series of metallic-cast busts replaces traditional jewelry display stands, instead experimenting with form, scale, and representation to turn everyday situations in opportunities for self-expression. Each character, named and scanned from life, has been created using innovative 3D technology in poses representing moments of joyful play.

From every vantage point, Swarovski’s ambition is to create an immersive entry into its world of wonder, leaving a lasting and inspired impression for all. Discover the Mall of the Emirates Instant Wonder store.

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